Monday, January 09, 2006

Swirl Hat

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Here's the coordinating hat to match the Swirl Scarf. The pattern should be ready in a couple more days. It's a little small for my oversized head, which means it should fit everyone else pretty well.

I've also been working on test knitting Wendy's Gioia Scarf. This has been a fun, quick little knit. Wendy had some requests for expanded line-by-line directions, so she asked me to be one of the testers to make sure it all works. It's a great project for showcasing a small amount of special yarn. I'll post of picture of my Gioia as soon as it's done. I suggested that Wendy upgrade the rating from Easy. Don't be too intimidated by that. The pattern stitch is quick to memorize, but it's a bit beyond the basic. If you know how to knit and to purl and can pay attention to a few details, you can make Gioia.

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Jenny said...

Another great pattern, as always!

I hope you got all your chores done on Saturday-I'm sure you would have had more fun at the yarn store with the rest of us! :)