Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Do You Find This Funny?

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My sister sent me a box of this Sears Mohair as a Christmas present. It's a nice olive drab color. There are about 20 balls. Why do I find it funny? Well, somehow the early '60s Sears logo on yarn just strikes me as incongruous. Also, I'm immediately reminded of that Frank Zappa song from sometime around 1977 in which he asks the ever-important question, "Is that a Sears Poncho or a Real Poncho?"

So, if I make a poncho (I won't, I promise!) out of Sears yarn, is it automatically a Sears Poncho? Although I doubt there is such a thing as a good poncho, a 1970's Sears Ponch is definitely the worst of all. Well, the modern-day equivalant, a Wal Mart poncho, would probably be worse.

I'm sure I'll find a perfect use for this wonderful old mohair.

I pick up a lot of old yarn at thrift shops and I have (as you may know) a generously sized stash. Sometimes I stop to reflect that the animal whose fleece I'm knitting probably died more than 25 years ago! One of the amusing things I discovered while poking around in my blog stats is that someone once accessed my blog from the search words "Life expectancy sheep." So, I went to some of the other sites that search turned up and found that sheep live about 11-15 years. Which means that when I knit with yarn from 1960, the animal that gave it has been gone 30 years or more.

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Chris said...

Um, I had no idea how long sheep lived. Thanks for the trivia. I do love thrift store yarn, however - so I think it's a pretty nifty gift! I have some skeins of cashmere from a thrift store...