Sunday, January 22, 2006

Madison Knittyboard Meetup

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A little photo collage of some slightly blurry pictures. Word to the wise, if you share a camera with your significant other, check the settings before you take pictures. I tend to assume that everything will be in the automatic mode and forget that he likes to turn off the flash and such.

Top row: Bina; Bina, JennyZ, and Yarnit; Dancing Gardener and Kathrows
Bottom row: JennyZ and Yarnit; Dancing Gardener and Kathrows

I was bummed that I had to leave early. My husband had an all-day meeting of his train module hobby group (don't ask) and I asked him to give me a couple of hours mid-afternoon to see everyone. I hope we can all do it again soon. Dancing Gardener and Kathrows each had to drive a piece to make it. Not to mention, Bina coming around Lake Michigan.

Funny moment: while Bina was discussing her medical care and options, which gets into Female Troubles, I noticed Jenny and Yarnit having a strange side conversation and looking embarrassed. I finally asked them if they felt the conversation was too personal for a crowded coffee shop. No, it wasn't that. They suggested that I look behind me and there was a couple engaged in a long, passionate kiss, standing up, right there in a packed coffee and yarn shop. It went on and on and on and on. Now, that's something you don't see every day!

Terby had to miss the meet-up, due to illness. Next time!

At one point, a woman walked up and asked if we were the Knittyboard meetup. "Yes!" we answered. "Oh," she said, "I'm a lurker." And then she walked away. A lurker on the board and in real life. Too funny.


Anonymous said...

I am the official real life lurker. It was nice to see everyone. I thought of staying but everyone looked pleasantly placed and catching up with each other. I only ever posted once and thought I should let everyone enjoy catching up. I did get the Olympic project yarn so I hurried home to swatch.

Maybe next time I will stay ;)

Jill/Schmern - Madison

Elizabeth said...

Yes, Jill, do stay next time. We would have made room. And we don't bite.

Carina said...

We're not scary, are we? Okay, maybe I am with my new glasses and squinting habit, but I sure hope she joins us next time. The more needles flying, the better.

That couple was funny. :D What an odd thing to do in a yarn shop, but then again, I'm sure my hubby and I would've considered it when we were dating. ;)

Margot said...

Love the lurker story.

Look at the good time you all had. Kathrows looks exactly as I imagined, such a friendly smile.

Even though I'm part of 3, count 'em 3! knitting groups, I get jealous when I see knitty knitters congregate without me. : ) But truly, I'm glad you all had such fun.

Leslie said...

Wow, your meetup looks like great fun! I've been away from Knitty for so long (too much blog reading), I probably wouldn't even know many of the names now. How funny about the lurker!

Jerry & Maxy said...

I am so glad to put faces with names :-). Sounded like a great time...lurker in life, ha!

Jenny said...

Ah yes, a lovely photo of yours truly. Yarnit and I appear to be fixing our hair or something. Too bad you couldn't have stayed longer.

roxy ^-o-^ said...


Love the group pics! (Sheryl directed me here :D)


thank you for your talent, skills & great vision for the rest of us Garter Belt/knittyheads