Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A bunch of pictures

It's time once again for Whats In My Knitting Bag? Click pics to make them bigger.
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On the right is the purple tweedy top-down textured raglan. The body is nearly long enough and then I hope the sleeves and neck will go quickly.

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This is the successful mitten, worked in ancient sport weight yarn. It's really more child size than adult. To upsize to adult, use DK or worsted weight. This will be a Garter Belt pattern eventually.

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This is a mitten I was not happy with. I could pontificate on why this pattern failed, but I'm sure you have your own opinions. The simple explanation is that there isn't enough repetition. The brain likes repetition to establish a pattern and this doesn't do that. The brain also likes the repetition to be interrupted before it gets boring. But that's another story.

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This photo shows the progress on Scott's tweedy sweater. About 11 inches. Although the yarn is thin, the knitting goes quickly. This is a good project for waiting rooms, watching tv, or other multi-task knitting. The other thing in the picture is a first attempt at creating a felted boot liner for Colin. It's surprisingly hard to find replacement liners for kids' boots. One store clerk told me it's cheaper to buy new boots. I'm not optimistic about this beginning, but have a Plan B in mind.

The last picture shows the temp this morning while I was taking all those pictures...
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That's in Fahrenheit, kids! Welcome to a typical Wisconsin late November morning.


Terby said...

Hrm. Would have thought it was a little warmer. That does explain why my car hasn't been warming up at all.

I like the mitten. I also kind of like the mitten you don't like. I think it would make a good hat pattern.

CateK said...

I really love the mitten! I am such a beginner knitter I haven't learned yet how to switch colors midstream so I am very jealous that you do this with such aplomb... well, one lesson at a time. But I do see patterns in this mitten and really like it!


Marji said...

i too like the mittens - and I recognize that yarn. ;)
So what are you doing taking pics outdoors in the balmy Wisconsin climate?
Wanted to let you know, if you hadn't already seen it, that the new Knitty is up - I saw the post on KR so went and looked at the Knitty site. Eliz, be glad your design wasn't accepted so that you were compelled to go on to Interweave Press. That's all I'm going to say (well, except 'What is up with that chain thing?'