Monday, November 21, 2005

Owen's first yarn and my new bag...

Here, as promised, is a peek at Owen's first attempt at spinning. We washed the hank and let it hang dry with weight on it. The knitting and the ball are right off the spindle: he got impatient to see how it would knit. I used #15 needles, which are probably a little small for some of it.
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Next up, is my new-to-me Coach bag. The eBay gods have smiled on me. This one doesn't have the hang tag, which I don't give two hoots about.
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This bag cost less than $40, including shipping. It's generously sized, plain unadorned outside, will last forever, and I love it.
My birthday present to myself.


hotknits said...

WONDERFUL Birthday present! I had a COACH backpack at one point that was stolen and I adored every minute of it.
I like Owen's yarn. I love the thick and thin stuff, and I do like the color. It looks very soft

Carina said...

Wow! His yarn is beautifully done for a beginner! Tell him he rocks!

That bag looks very nice. It'll last a long time, too, I'd bet. That's a great birthday present. :)

Elisabeth said...

Tell Owen his first yarn looks 10 times better than mine did!