Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Internet is acting up!

Finally, not just my computer. I think. I've been having trouble posting comments on knittyboard and on a few of my friends' blogs. Blogger was down earlier today. Hmm. The world wide web seems to be having a spastic evening.

Terby and I went to the other knitting group this morning. This one meets on the first Sat of each month, in addition to several regular weekday evening times. Parents of young children know that regularly planning to skip out of the house for social knitting time any time between 5:30 and 7 is a good way to curry disfavor with the spouse or equivalent. The organizers of First Sat knitting really want to find a place on the east side of town, on a bus route, where space for 8-10 people can be reserved. Hmm. It hasn't been easy to find a permanent home that satisfies all these requirements. Today we met in a brand new yarn shop that just opened in Monona. It was fun looking at all the goodies. I was pretty restrained and bought only one skein of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn. But what a skein! I'll try to get some pics tomorrow. I hope this shop can make a go of it. Madison is pretty saturated with yarn sources. Lots of chains: two Walmarts, two Michael's, Hobby Lobby, two Wisconsin Craft Marts, 2 super Joann's, Hancock Fabrics. Then the following actual yarn shops in town or within half an hour: Lakeside Fibers, The Knitting Tree, The Sows Ear, Off the Beaten Track (new place in Monona), Coyote Yarns, Susan's Fiber Shop, Stitcher's Crossing. Plus some other businesses, like LMNOPies, the pastry shop with yarn, that have jumped on the bandwagon. All of this going up against internet sources.

After Terby and I left Monona, we popped in at Lakeside Fibers, where I cleaned out the sale bin of various 50% off balls of Jameison's DK. And saw the mom of one of Colin's classmates, who works there. (The mom, not the classmate.)

In the afternoon I visited the storage unit and realized that there's still more yarn over there than I had remembered. I brought home a couple boxes to have on hand.

Tantrum-boy, aka Colin, started pitching fits around dinner. (That's why parents aren't allowed to trot off to knitting group at 6 pm) and is, even now, at almost 11 pm, pitching fits IN HIS SLEEP! He's got a big-time case of Crabola Virus. I only hope it passes soon. I can't take it much longer.

In any case, Tantrum-boy should be well enough for a nice full week of preschool this week. And I will blissfully roll in yarn and swatch and play.

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Elisabeth said...

I wish I'd been knitting when we lived in Baraboo. We used to shop in Madison every weekend. Silly me only hitting the music & clothing shops!