Sunday, November 06, 2005

Nothing but pictures...

OK, maybe a little descriptive text, too.
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Newly acquired stash from my mini-yarn-crawl with Terby yesterday.

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The fully completed porch: front view.

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Side view

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Back and side view.

I realized I never posted the pics of the whole completed project, though it has appeared as background in several photos.


Carina said...

Is Colin doing better? Both of mine have been beside themselves nasty and crabby all weekend. Anna seems overwhelmed from school and stretched to her limit, and Stephen's in some phase . . . *sigh*

Maybe it's the time of year.

Helen said...

oh, the porch is fantastic! will be so nice for next year :)

Anonymous said...

What a nice porch! When are you inviting us all up for the knitting porch party?

zibibbo said...

Both Lucky and I have swooned over your porch. Lovely. To many enjoyable hours spent there for you and yours!