Saturday, July 09, 2005

What I love about my computer

What I really love about my computer is that I can have i-tunes playing, and have Word, Photoshop, and Illustrator all open, and update my blog in Safari ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

My first computer was a mac plus. I could only one application at a time. I had an external harddrive with 30 megabytes. It was considered plenty at the time.

Owen finds it amazing that I can remember a time before computers were considered normal household equipment.

Post script: I just added an entry to the Never On Oprah Book Club blog. Go have a look. Comments and input always appreciated over there! Tell the world what you're reading!

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hotknits said...

LOVE MY MAC I will never buy a pc again, and often feel slightly evil because I hope the current one will die soon.
Maybe i am a young fogey, but I hate loud concerts too. Also have major cpmplaints about the few times I have been to a pub and the band was so loud you can't talk. I think they just don't test out the volume. I did the sound for a few years for my dad's band, and know for a fact that you need to test it out from the audiences's perspective even if you have speakers in position to do so.