Friday, July 01, 2005

The week in review...

I'm finishing up the knitting on the Beatrix cardigan. It's going to be a cute one. I started typing the instructions last night. That's for the one size I'm making, but I want to have one smaller and one bigger option too. I need to go button shopping: so often that's a real excercise in frustration! Then, I need to knit another Beatrix Hat, because I sent the original to the real baby Beatrix. Then find a baby to model pics. I have a candidate in mind for that! With a little luck, this pattern should be available by August 1. Maybe sooner if the knitting gods are smiling on me.

This evening Owen and I relocated some day lilies to the border we share with our obnoxious neighbors. We hope to make a stronger delineation of the property line, short of actually building a fence. Anything to get them to keep their lawn chemicals on their side of the line. These lilies are some fancy ones in a nice saturated yellow. They were getting crowded out in the back by the common orange ones, the kind that volunteer along roadsides all over southern Wisconsin. (In far northern Wisconsin, they have fields and fields full of wild lupines. I couldn't believe it! They were more dense and beautiful than any cultivated garden.) Owen is very interested in earning money and seems to have a high tolerance for gardening if a parent works with him. This could be the beginning of a great arrangement. He will develop some muscle and burn some calories. And earn money. And save my hands and wrists from the abuses of digging. The garden will look better. We'll spend time doing something together. And he'll learn some stuff about gardening along the way. I have a few sedums (not the ground cover kind, but upright single plants) that ended up in the middle of a dense stand of purple coneflowers. Tomorrow we plan to find a new home for them. You know, I don't really like gardening. I appreciate the results, so I'm willing to do the work. But the actual process of mucking around in soil doesn't float my boat. I don't like creatures with no legs or too many legs. I don't like getting dirty. I'm hoping that over time, Owen can become the gardener and I'll just stroll around and point out what needs to be done.

Tomorrow morning Terri and I are going to the knitting group that is an offshoot of the established evenings group. It should be an interesting time. Must remember the camera. Not that my descriptions will ever attain the laugh-a-minute level of someone like Crazy Aunt Purl. But, still, it's an easy way to up the knitting content of the blog: pictures of other people's knitting!


karen(aka carpenter) said...

Hello Elizabeth, I have just read your whole blog. I like it. Congratulations on the Garter Belt, it's very well done. Your new chair looks very comfy. I am very surprised (pleasantly!) that you have a blog- when I was last at Knitty I thought you were resisting.
I have a hedge of raspberries between me and my obnoxious neighbours that works quite well.

katmeow said...

ok that's it.
you just talked me into having kids.
i'll have one so he/she can do all my gardening. heh. even w/ looking up books, and asking for all the advice on the knittyboard, i'm still completely clueless. AND even more confused then when i started. gardening is hard!!! all my flowers are scorched and dying. and sometimes i'll find flowers on things that i didn't even know flowered! o.O

bensmumma said...

Gardening saved my best friend's soul - at least that's what he says! As a child and teenager he longed so much to be creative and nurturing but it took forever for him to find the right outlet - until his mother gave him his own garden plot! He has the most beautiful gardens in his town now.


stephanie said...

Better yet, Owen can garden to his heart's content and start creating; you won't need to say what goes where - except for the chaise!