Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Professor Vest

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Front view

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Back view


Carina said...

That looks really good! The armholes fit very nicely, and the length and all is just right. Fabulous job!

D said... always! Wish I had someone to make one

stephanie said...

Very nice. I missed the beginning of this one, could you linke me to it? I'd like to check out the yarn and pattern info. Though I have a sneaking suspiscion that you made it up as you went along... You non-pattern slaves have a way of doing that.

Elizabeth said...

Thanks! Yes, Stephanie. I wrote the pattern which will shortly be for sale on The Garter Belt as a pdf download . The sizes are in 4" increments from 36-52 inches. The yarn came from a recycled Brooks Bros sweater, but some good substitutions include Black Abbey Yarns or the Bartlett Yarns 2 ply options. These are around 210-220 yards in a 4 oz skein. Also, WEBS has cones right now of something called Broca Softspun that sounds like a good choice.

You're looking for a slightly heavy worsted wt yarn with a bit of a rustic fuzziness to it.

emily said...

I love it!! It looks great, and thats a very professorial model you've got sporting it.
Like the new blog look, too! Now, on to those idiosyncrasies... hm

Leslie said...

This vest is perfect! And such a great model, too.