Tuesday, July 19, 2005


The electrician will come on Monday to install a line of outlets along the wall where my workspace will be. Yay! I need to spend some time packing and stowing stuff and help Scott get the rest of his stuff out of the way. There will be a lot of work involved in making better use of this house, but it's still less work than moving would be. I should get some "before" photos now, so that the "after" photos will look that much better.

Herrschner's had some yummy looking lambswool on the Yarn Sale this past Thursday, so in spite of the fact that I really do not need more yarn, I ordered some. Also, in spite of all my grumblings about Herrschner's and their lousy customer service. This particular item had several hundred in stock, so I expect no problems. I should just take a day trip to Steven's Point and pick it up in person: it would be quicker than waiting for them to pack and ship my order!

Finally a break in our beastly weather. It won't last long, though. Tomorrow more hot and humid air will move in. What we really need is an all-day rain. We haven't had a real rain in a very long time, and it looks like it might be at least 10 days before we can hope for any.

I was just recruited to build an elevated railway from wooden train track, and now have lost my train of thought...

I think it was a knitting update... or was it a mild-mannered rant about shawls? No, that's not an oxymoron.

Ok, the mild mannered rant: I love to look at the beautiful lace shawls that other people knit. In terms of pure aesthetics, I have no complaint with shawls. But I wouldn't wear one. I guess I could make one to drape like a big doily on the back of the couch, but my kids and cats would destroy it no time. For garments, I like clothes that stay where they belong without constant fidgeting or adjusting. I don't want to worry about things that slip off, gap, or otherwise give me a struggle. In this regard, I am more likely to wear (shudder!) a poncho than a shawl. You put your head through the hole and it stays on. If it's dress-up warmth or modesty I want, I'm more apt to wear a shruggy-kind of thing. Really, more like a bolero or short cardigan. I still can't see myself in the shrugs that showcase the boobs like fruit on a platter. I'm not interested in that kind of attention. So, all you shawl knitters, what kind of lifestyle leads one to spend that many hours knitting something that beautiful, but which is also impractical? No kids, no pets probably goes most of the way to describing the lifestyle. That, and you need an occasional reason to dress up.

I'm nearly done the men's sweatervest. This time I did the sensible thing and got it mostly typed up before the knitting was all done. I had Scott take the completed back to work to weigh on a postal scale. Since I'm using recycled yarn, I wasn't sure how many standard units (skeins, balls) would be equivalent. The back weighs 4.9 oz for the 40 inch size M. Then I prorated out based on square inches in the finished project for each size and guesstimated the yarn quantities for each size. I hope I'm in the ballpark: the numbers look plausible.


Angela said...

I wear them to work to combat air-conditioning chill. Some shapes stay on better as well. Triangles work well for me as I wear the long point down one side. Also, no kids, no pets :(

denise said...

I share your feelings on shawls...I do have kids, no pets, but mainly it's about me and my need for stuff to stay on and out of my way. I just can't see myself sporting one of those beautiful, delicate lacy numbers in a classroom of 6yrolds, who may at any moment erupt, spill, or get marker or bodily fluids on me. Can I say Yay for Summer Vacation? Yes, yes I can.
I also am feeling your pain re. the previous post. I am in the homestretch of parenting pains, and I'll say that my kids were given direction, rules, etc, etc, etc, and they could still be wee beasties. And the teen years, shudder. Mine are 21, 18 as of Sat., and 15. Don't blame yourself for all of it. They do have minds of their own. And how. It's awfully bloody hot and humid here too, so if you get some cool rain, send it on over my way. TIA

hotknits said...

Other thn a cardigan or a jacket, I too have a difficult time knitting something that MUST have something else to wear under it. Love the concept, but I will sit and wonder just what exactly I will wear it with.

emily said...

Shawls (especially the triangular lace kind) are just too old-ladyish for me.
I like a nice lace scarf, though-- loop it around your neck a couple times and you look dressy but it doesnt require a lot of fussing. I have a couple woven scarfs like that too.
Even beyond the practical issues, I have issues with lace in general unless it is very geometric or very subtle. I am just not girly enough (my recent FO is as lacy as I can get these days!).

D said...

I echo your thoughts on the shawl issue, Elizabeth. I hate fussing with what I am wearing. I'll make one rectangular shawl just to have, but I don't see me making more unless they are presents for others. I kind of demand usefullness of the things I make. I have to be able to wear them, etc. I'm from a family of packrats...and desperately trying to change from it. No need for me to accumulate things.

gwendolina said...

It's true, I don't have kids or pets, and I do need to dress up a lot, but - in the few weeks since I've finished my first shawl I've used it as a wrap for an over-airconditioned building, to warm up on a cool evening sitting outside, and to dress up an otherwise boring outfit. It's also been an excellent travelling companion, providing lightweight warmth on an overnight train trip. It packs light and doesn't wrinkle.