Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Open at last!

The Garter Belt is open for business! Go take a look! It's hard to believe the day is here.

I want to publicly thank Wendy for all her work on this. If I had had to pay someone for the time and skill she gave to this project, it would be a heap of money! I'm so grateful to her for including me in this and see it as a wonderful opportunity for me to put my designs in the public eye.

Anyway, now I have to keep on knitting and writing. Next up will be the cardigan to match the Beatrix Hat. And a tweedy academic men's sweatervest soon after that.

Stay tuned...


Lisa P said...

Oh I love it! Wonderful site Elizabeth. :)

D said...

Elizabeth, your designs are BEAUTIFUL! I especially love the Adirondack sweater. Sweater curse be damned! I think any guy would love the clean lines of that design. Is that your hubby modeling? Whoever it is they did a great job. I almost thought you guys hired out!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you ladies! It's nice to be appreciated!

No, Tesoro, he isn't my husband. I just borrowed him for about 15 minutes for the photoshoot. He really is a good model though, so I hope I'll be able to borrow him again. If you look down two posts to Sat. knitting group, you'll see Maggie, Chris's wife.

I'm excited about specializing in men's patterns. In general they are so neglected and I think (modestly) that I have some aptitude for it.

jpknits said...

I've just looked again at that sweater. I may have to bookmark it until I'm ready.

Gorgeous classic detail. And interesting construction.