Saturday, June 25, 2005

A pretty good Saturday

Today I donated blood first thing, then went right to the knitting group I'm trying to start. The blood donation went really well. I had a few bad experiences the last several times, so this just about changes my mind about the process. I got to the coffee shop at about 10:10, a little late, but no one was there. I guess I should have send reminders to folks. I stayed and did a little knitting, read the paper, and enjoyed the quiet until 11. In the afternoon I went out shopping alone. And not food shopping either. Hit both St. Vincent's and a Goodwill, in addition to some boring Shopko things. I almost bought a chair at St. Vincent's: in fact, I'm talking myself into going back for it on Monday. Although the weather is still very heavy, it was not quite as hot today. Tomorrow will be yucky again, but if the storms hold off, maybe we can take a family trip to Devil's Lake with the canoe.

The tingling in my left hand is getting better. I'm working on the Beatrix Cardigan again. If I am able to do some regular stretches of knitting, I should be able to get the knitting done in short order. Then writing the pattern, which won't be too difficult. Time consuming part will be making a little steek tutorial for the uninitiated. It makes me very grumpy when my hand is acting up, not only because of the short-term restriction of knitting, but because of my fear of being permanently unable to knit. To that end, I probably need to type less and maybe post photos instead.

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HappyPiranha said...

Don't forget the golden rule of thrift shopping: if you want it, buy it immediately, or it might not be there when you go back. I remembered the rule when I passed up a big ottoman. When I called the next morning, the clerk said, "Oh, no, somebody snapped that up right away." D'OH!