Saturday, June 04, 2005

An S'n'B kinda day

Today was largely devoted to socializing with knitters in coffee shops. I'm not sure how I pulled that one off, but now that networking is part of building my business, Scott seems more inclined to tolerate being left home with his progeny for hours on end. At least that's what I tell him. I went with my neighbor's mother to the established Sip'n'Knit that is starting a Sat. meeting. It was in a very new coffee shop on the far east side of town. It was a nice mix and the coffee shop had done a nice job with their space. Strip mall architecture really has come a LONG way since the nadir of the 60's. There's no reason that a modern strip mall can't be made just as appealing as a traditional main street, if the developer and the citizens just demand that.

Later in the day, I went for coffee with Fathom at The Sow's Ear in Verona. I just love that place! We got caught up on her life on the road with parents and all. Home in time to order Chinese take out for dinner.

All in all, it's just about a perfect day for a coffee-drinking knitter!

BTW, for all of you who have asked: Chris of the Adirondack Pullover is not my husband. I just borrowed him for the pics because I thought that he would do a good job. Which he did. Thanks to Maggie for the loan.

The weather is sultry and threatening today. This is the first day this season I've had the impulse to turn on the A.C. in the house. No, it isn't all that hot, but it is heavy. Fortunately, the basement is pleasantly cool, so I think I might retire there after this post to play in yarn.

Update on last post's texture conundrum: although all the knitters agree that the effect isn't working out great, the consensus seems to lean toward pressing on. Fathom suggested blocking what I've done to see if that helps. However, I keep finding that I have started to reverse my zig zags at the wrong spot in the pattern and have to tink back a few rows to fix it. This is making me wonder if I shouldn't take the hint and do something else. Either that, or not try to knit and talk. I never was a very good multi-tasker.

Must go sing to my son: he's old enough to watch the Lord of the Rings, but still wants Lullaby at bedtime. Then to the cool basement to begin Beatrix: The Cardigan.

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Karen said...

Oh Elizabeth! The bag has been felted and is blocking! I haven't gotten straps for it, but I will take a pic as soon as it's done drying so you can see. I LOVE it! I felted it at the same time as a Booga Bag, and it was done quicker. Did I mention that I LOVE it?!?!? :)