Thursday, June 09, 2005

I just spent the better part of the evening reading the humongo (280 some pages) pdf manual for our digital camera. I need to print out some of the most useful parts to carry with me until I have it memorized. Still, I had many AHA moments, thinking "That's how you do that..." I now know how to adjust the flash intensity and use the timer. I understand why some of my attempts in the macro mode worked and others didn't. I found out where the white balance is. I had previously figured out how to manually select aperture, if I wanted to. Now I figured out how to manually focus. I need to reread the part on selecting shutter speed. I wish it had just come with a printed manual: I would think for all the money it cost, a manual wouldn't have been too much to ask.

Earlier today I worked on the Beatrix Cardigan. I will warn everyone: I'm doing it in the round and there's a steek! When I write out the directions, I suppose you'll have the option to work back and forth if you want. But I think you'll want to cut that steek when you see how fun it is! And I'll use the macro setting on the camera and make a nice tutorial to talk you through it.

I also decided not to pursue the zig zag garter texture right now. It works okay in a smoother yarn, but it's not great. I decided on a more defined rib-like stitch from Barbara Walker. Can't remember which book. Anyhow, it has strong vertical lines and shows up much more clearly on the more rustic yarn.

Unfortunately, my left hand has been giving me warnings to back off the knitting for a few days. Grrrr. I took a bunch of ibuprofen and will continue with that for a few days until symptoms subside.

It's hot and muggy and going to stay that way for several days. I'm excited about heading north to the cold waters of Lake Superior. Here, I just want to hunker down indoors in the airconditioning. Colin wants to bike around the block and bike to distant playgrounds. He doesn't seem to feel extremes of temperature as much as adults do!

Must get some sleep. The school year ends at 10 a.m tomorrow and I better be ready!!!


emily said...

Hi Elizabeth! It was good to hang out with you at the Sows Ear. I miss Madison already!!

emily said...

PS, I finally made a button, so my boring text link doesnt have to mess up the look of your sidebar anymore!

D said...

Oooh! A steek! Okay, have not tried that yet so this will be the first I attempt if I can get my nerve up to follow the tutorial you are putting together.

Have a fun week on vacation :)