Thursday, June 23, 2005

a long summer already...

We haven't been back from Madeline Island even a week and already I feel like the summer is too long!!! Next summer, both boys will be forced into some horrible boot camp from sun up to sun down, and I don't care how much they protest.

I haven't been able to do any knitting because of the tingling digits on my left hand. I've been living on ibuprofen and putting ice on the wrist, and it is starting to feel better. A few days ago, I had to carry Colin to his room while he was in a tantrum and that really aggravated it. He's very strong and weighs about 55 pounds and hauling him while he's in full protest makes my hand and wrist act up for several weeks after.

Today is HOT HOT HOT. All the grass is brown and dry already and we aren't even out of June. I only hope we get a an all-day soaker soon! I've been just dragging for the last week. I'm not sure if it's post-vacation fall-out or the heat, or just that my beastly children depress me, but I sure would love to have an all day nap.

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