Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tomorrow is opening day!

The excitement is building! Tomorrow is opening day for The Garter Belt. I want to let everyone know that we have many more pattern ideas in the works and you should check back often for updates. I think it's a good start. When I add that to upcoming knitty submissions (look for the Men's issue in July), I'm unleashing quite a body of work at one time.

I hope to add a few more reasonably quick projects over the summer and maybe a major project for fall. Right now my offerings are all in the intermediate skill range and I'd like to give the fearless knitters something to sink their teeth into.

We're counting down to the end of the school year. Colin wraps up at the end of this week and Owen the week after. Then we head north for a week on Lake Superior. The last time Scott & I went to Lake Superior, he came down with mono and was miserable for a month. That was Sept 1983 when we went to Porcupine Mountains State Park on Michigan's U.P. We assumed that because September is often a nice month in Chicago, it would be a nice time 8 hours north. The temperature topped out in the 50's and rainy early in the trip. As the week went on, it got colder and the locals told us that snow was predicted by week's end. We were camping in a very small 2-man backpacking tent; so small we couldn't both sit up at the same time! We were a stone's throw from the lake and very wet and chilled to the bone. Finally, we gave up and went to a motel. We returned in the morning for our stuff and I drove us back to Chicago with Scott becoming more fevered and ill. So, Lake Superior hasn't exactly treated us well, but 22 years later, we're trying again. With kids and pop-up camper in tow. In June, which is blackfly season. At least it should NOT snow. Just need to line up the cat sitter.

I'm not sure how productive my knitting time will be through the rest of the summer. It can't get worse than last summer when my boys could not be left alone for even the time it takes to fill a glass of water without trying to kill one another. I've been able to work on simple projects while they play with water in the yard. It's safe to say that I won't be able to do anything really complicated with many colors while Colin's awake in the day. But maybe cables...? Dare I hope?

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D said...

Congratulations on the Garter Belt! Can't wait to see more of the goodies you gals cooked up!