Saturday, May 14, 2005

Catching up on business

How can it be so hard for me to be without my computer for only one business-week. That is, Monday through Friday. Really? Well, part of it is that I have a big looming deadline and some serious typing to do. Part of it is that I live by email.

I spent less time reading knittyboard than usual, and less time posting than reading. This is not all bad, as I probably need to spend more time connected to my bricks'n'mortar life than my online one.

Urban Pagan aka Lisa has posted her delightful photos of herself, thoroughly enjoying her yarn. Go have a look and leave her a fun comment.

So my computer got a lot of new inards and now I'm still trying to find my stuff. The old "elizabeth" account doesn't exist and I seem to have a System Administrator nicknamed "Root" who will not be displaced. Root did have a password I could never have guessed, but we did manage to delete that. Thank goodness. My old desktop stuff, which is way too much cause it piles up and seldom gets cleaned away, is all deeply buried in a folder in a folder in a folder on my hard disc. But it's there! I did manage to tell the new hard disc not to start up iphoto every time I plug in the camera. So, that's progress. i photo is nice enough, in a limited way, if you only have 50 pics, but infuriating when you get over 1000 amassed.

I just realized that it is DINNER time here at my house and there is NO dinner on the way. And dinner is my job. So, I'll do more catching up later.

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