Saturday, May 21, 2005

Working hard... but no pictures for the public

We are closing in on opening day for The Garter Belt. Yes, excited knitters, June 1 is the day for all of you, BUT May 21 was the day that our fearless webmaster decreed our opening day deadline.

I finished a wonderful men's offering and got it photographed today. The pattern is written, the schematic is drawn, and the whole package has been emailed to Italy for Wendy to make it presentable for the public.

I took a few new photos of The Plum Shrug. Or rather, Scott took them. Outdoors by the blooming Bridal Wreath. It was a challenge because Colin so rarely sees me in a dress, he immediately wanted to rub his ketchup-smeared face on it! Then he wanted someone to chase him and catch him and generally make himself the focus of all attention.

Owen had a sleepover for three of his friends last night. We put the four of them in the pop-up camper in the driveway where they could annoy the whole neighborhood, instead of just us. I was hoping that they might inflict a little sleep disruption on our neighbors to the southeast, whose active social lives have so often disrupted my sleep. I'm not sure if it succeeded or not. I know they did manage to disturb some of the very nice neighbors I would rather not disturb. Scott took the whole pack of them to see Star Wars at 10 a.m. on the Ultrascreen. Not quite as big as an Imax, but bigger than average. Owen was a wreck in the afternoon: exhausted and in the let down after the big build up. He enjoyed the movie: "the awesomest-est!!" but it's very hard for him to cope with what comes after an event he's looked forward to for months

I did, rather guiltily, cast on for a sock yesterday afternoon. Why guilty? well, it's nothing original and I can't publish it. Totally boring and all about function. I need to have a project which is easy to stop and start,and socks qualify. When your house is teeming with kids, it's not a good idea to try much challenging thought. Like proofreading knitting patterns. So, I swear I will only work on the boring socks when I really cannot possibly work on a Garter Belt project. There, no guilt.


bensmumma said...

Elizabeth I can't wait for "the garter belt"! It sounds like you've all been working really hard at making it happen! And, I can TOTALLY relate about the kids and the sleepover - my stepsons often sleep outside in a tent, and I gladly let them drive our less-than-nice neighbors batty!

HappyPiranha said...

Yes, I let DD and her 5 girlfriends drive the unfriendly neighbors (our name for the cranky jerks that live immediately south of our zero-lot-line house) up the wall when they were screaming and yelling last night in the swimming pool at 11:00 pm.