Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Computer conspiracy?

Last night, after the scheduled Blogger downtime, I tried to update the blog. I wrote a post all about the sad situation of having my computer in for repairs, just when I need it most. After hitting "publish post" I waited and waited. Finally, the attempt to publish failed. Then DH, whose computer I was trying to use to post, used the open window to look at the weather! When I tried to recover the post, it was gone. Alas, alack.

So, my computer is off getting a new hard drive and new CD drive, under extended warranty. I'm muddling through without at a very time-sensitive point.

Can't remember what else I said in that post. Oh well. It's just time to get the Grim Reaper Poncho moved down from the top!


Elena said...

I tried to recover a post today, too, to no avail, but no one was using the computer but me. I blame Blogger! They seem to keep finding new and exciting ways to frustrate me. Good luck with your computer woes.

Elizabeth said...

I think my computer woes are temporarily at bay. I hope. I got it back from the infirmary yesterday and managed to get it to allow me to use it today. With Scott's help, managed to mostly restore the hard disc contents. I now have a new motherboard, new hard disc, and new CD drive. The only thing I knew was wonky was the hard disc not wanting to start up once it sat overnight. But, hey, I feel like that, too.

Thanks for the good wishes.