Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Frustrations of Modern Life

You don't realize how much you live by the internet until it isn't working as it ought to! My carrier has been having major problems the last day or two and it's getting on my nerves. Nevertheless, I will try to carry on with this blog post and hope it all goes ok. (Turns out there was a big cut in internet cables near Chicago, causing widespread disruptions around the country. So it's bigger than just Wisconsin.)

The Kauni Update

I bet you all are getting pretty darn sick of this sweater, eh? I'm back in my stride again with it, fully recovered from the frogging episode. Just a few more inches on this main body part, then on to the sleeves.

My focus is all over the place these days. Last night I got myself situated on the couch to work on the Kauni and I promptly got displaced by Owen wanting that one perfect knitting spot in our living room so he could play Wii. It also happens to be the one most optimal TV watching and playing spot.

So, I went down to my lair, where it's kind of cold, and poked around trying to decide what to work on. I started a hat from the same blue and purple handspun I used for the garter stitch scarf a few posts back. Right now it's just a few rounds of ribbing for the band, so not much to show. After a while, I heard the sounds of Owen and Mr SABLE heading upstairs toward bed, so I thought about reclaiming the couch, but by then, I was yawning.

Today is just about the most glorious spring weather a person could ask for. I saw one little white puffy cloud in an otherwise empty blue sky. It's the color of blue you think you only see in postcards and tourism calendars. When I went out to take the picture of the cardigan progress, I felt like some cave-dwelling creature emerging and blinking in the sunlight.

I have a few stealth projects coming along, so pictures may be scarce. Or at least, project photos may be scarce. I'll try to make up for it with other pictures. I hope the stealth mode won't last too long! Stay tuned.


Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

I can't get sick of the Kauni sweater because I've felt of it in person. It was pretty here today too,but we did have a bunch of fluffy white clouds that had curiously flat bottoms. Quite arresting, especially as seen from the high rise bridge approaching downtown in a '93 Saturn.

Bezzie said...

Is that band at the bottom something the pattern calls for or did you add that? I dont' remember it in other Kaunis. But I'm not known for my astute memory.

OUr spring has been very Alaskan, cool and wet. I'm not complaining. Anything that staves off the heat and misery.

Lynn said...

That cardigan is gorgeous; don't stop showing us pictures of it!

Leslie said...

That sweater is awesome! Your talents always shine in your colorwork. As for focus, mine has been gone for some time--high school graduation and all the associated plans hijacked my creative output. I hope I'll have something new to show soon!

MollyBeees said...

I never get sick of that sweater. I aspire to such greatness one day. It's today just the best. There is nothing better than 60° temps, sun, light breeze and the smell of blossoms and fresh mown grass. Makes it hard to be at work!