Monday, June 25, 2007

More Summer Pursuits

Owen went to camp yesterday. Well, not "camp" like sleeping in a tent or a cabin in the woods, but a summer program. His camp is in St Paul MN and the "campers" sleep in an air-conditioned dormitory and housekeeping brings them clean towels daily. He and his fellow campers will learn about computer programming for gaming.

This is a big rite of passage for a 12 year old who has never really been away from his parents, even to sleep over at a friend's, who has never really been babysat (under 6 times in his life). We're hoping it goes well.

This is the dorm room:

These are two of the staff members:

They seemed very nice.

I stayed over at my old college friend Nora's. I persuaded her to start a blog last night, and she did! Nora's a writer who sometimes knits. She wrote a book about knitting a sweater for one of her sons: kind of a memoir with a lot of history and other knitters' stories intertwined. And she's been shopping it to publishers and agents for over a year without any success. If you know an agent with an open mind, let me know. (I took a couple pictures of Nora, but they were awful. My camera was behaving a bit strangely and I caught her in the worst moments, freezing distorted expressions and so on. So, no picture this time.) She is my oldest friend. Well, you know, not that she's old, but I've maintained a friendship with her longer than with anyone else except my parents. She's been in my life even longer than my husband. Almost 28 years!!!! (Can we really be that old? It doesn't seem possible.)

I came home to find that my Sheep Shed Studio order had come! Six pounds of fiber!

This place sells mill ends from Brown Sheep Yarn Company at a great price. $7.50 a pound! But you don't get to specify exactly what you'll get. That's ok with me. You get to choose a color family and you can request a color dominance, but you might get something a little different.

I requested a black-dominant black mix,

and a brown-dominant brown mix.

While I would have preferred more black in the black mix, that's just fine with me. I can dye the white stuff. Maybe I can mix it up to a medium grey.

And they enclosed a little bonus pack of pure black. I can't wait to dig in.


Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Hope that Owen has a good time. That Brown Sheep stuff must feel wonderful on your hands.

Marina said...

Are you OK? I'm sure he'll have a good time!

That's a lot of fibre! Will be interesting to see what you do with it.

Leslie said...

Owen will do great at camp. My son is addicted to all things computer-related (he just built a computer for my dad) and would have loved a camp like that! Good luck with all the spinning.

knitaly said...

First experience in summer camps is much more easier for young boys and girls than their parents can imagine! How do you feel with your young man away? ;)

Bezzie said...

That's a pretty cool camp!!

And look at all that fiber!!! That brown mix is my favorite.

Batty said...

I think he'll love camp. He'll be having fun with other kids, and you just got some gorgeous fiber to keep you happy and distracted. Win-win!

Magatha said...

I went out to church camp when I was Owen's age. I loved it. It was my friend's Russian Orthodox church camp. I learned a lot. They mostly want to be with their own age group anyway and they appreciate the family a lot better when they get home.

Looking forward to seeing what that pretty stuff spins into. :-)

Kim said...

I really loved going to summer programs when I was 12. My mom got a little teary, too, at the thought her little girl was "off to college". It's a really great thing, especially for nerdy kids, to bond with other nerdy kids.

cpurl17 said...

Air conditioning and housekeeping is my idea of a great camp!

Have fun with all that fiber!

The Fluffy Ewe said...

How exciting for Owen! I am sure he will have a blast and learn a ton of programming info to make it all worth while.

What a ton of fiber!

Zonda said...

Very exciting for Owen! Reminds me of my son's leadership course last year..first time away also.

Fiber from Brown sheep...I would be rolling in it LOL!Awesome colors there! :) Look forward to seeing what spins up!

Sarah said...

WOW! 6 lbs!

And Owen will have fun. How cool for him to have an opportunity like that.

Have fun with the fiber....

Terby said...

The brown mix is my favorite of the two - I'm really curious what it will look like as yarn. I don't have any sense of how fibers blend when you spin them.

Hope Owen had a blast. I used to love camps like those.