Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Day of Astounding Productivity!

My goodness, we've been busy. In our ongoing quest to bring our household back from the brink of squalor, we've been making inroads all over the place.

A few of weeks ago I ordered two enormous matching dressers for me and the Mister. Our furniture is an interesting assemblage of mostly thrift-shop specials with some flat pack bargains thrown in to round out the down-scale look. So, buying these was a bit of a splurge. They were delivered a week ago Friday, but getting ready to assemble took a bit of planning and work.

Today, I did some more cleaning in Owen's room and made room to move one of our old cheap dressers in there. He's been living without a dresser for a while and the drawers under his captain's bed aren't enough. Then Mr. SABLE assembled one of the two dressers and we did a little reshuffling of stuff to put it in place. It holds so much! No more avoiding putting laundry away because it's too hard to figure out how to make it fit.

This morning, Owen mowed the lawn. This is an amazing leap forward. He has finally conquered his phobia of the power mower. I can't tell you what joy this brings me.

This evening I blocked the Mead Scarf.

I had been mulling over what to use to pin it out on, and then realized that I had all these big, long, sturdy pieces of styrofoam from the dresser packing materials. Eureka! Instant free blocking surface! I'm clearly not a perfectionist about this, as you can see by my slightly wavy edges. I guess that's part of why I'm not really a huge lace knitter. The whole process is fraught with more finicky details than I usually enjoy. But I did like making this scarf.

Here's a couple images from the yard yesterday.

Now I'm going to have a nice sleep.


Marina said...

Think I'll use that reason from now on for not folding clothes ;-)

The scarf is gorgeous!

Bezzie said...

Oh wow! Mead really spread out! It looks great.

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a melange of furniture either.

Guro said...

Very pretty scarf! Amazed what blocking can do, yet again. Looking forward to seeing it unpinned.

YarnThrower said...

Your scarf is stunning! Absolutely!

I'm with you on the "short cut" method for blocking, too. I think that all of my "straight" edges on anything I've ever knit in lace have subtle "scallops" along the edges. Riding by it on a horse going 15 miles an hour, I don't think anybody will notice..... :-)

Good luck with the rest of your organization projects! I love the feeling of getting a place tidied up. Fortunately, I have many repeated opportunities for that in my own home!!!

Kim said...

Thanks for the link for the dressers. DH and I have been buying "real" furniture lately, but haven't found the right dresser for our room.

Owen's about at the age where #1 son (now almost 17) finally decided that t-shirts were no longer, um, cool. (Coincided with first almost-girlfriend) In the space of a year, his wardrobe exploded - polo shirts, dressier shorts, button shirts, flipflops instead of tennis shoes (it's Florida, after all). The boy hadn't voluntarily worn a polo shirt since fifth grade, and now he owns more than hubby! Thank heavens for thrift stores, or we'd be broke.

Batty said...

Beautiful scarf! It looks amazing, all blocked out like that.

dale-harriet said...

Oh, the scarf is exquisite - and look, all the holes and wavies are where they belong - again, I'm in awe. The Old Shale scarf I'm making (because the pattern was done in Kureyon and I happened to have some) you say? Imperfect. It's a learning experience (my mantra).

Our house is furnished in early Student Housing and Middle Salvation Army too, maybe it's Madison Decor? I'm anticipating a Major Purge too, how'd you get the inspiration? (huh? huh? huh?)

Terby said...

I always appreciate your eye for pleasingly geometric design. Mead is really elegant.

Laura said...

I'm still not over lawn mower phobia. I keep sticking to my "girls don't mow" story, but now that we no longer have a lawn, I don't have to make excuses.

Emily said...

The scarf looks great-- but will we get a shot of the scarf in action, or is it too hot right now in Madison?
I can count on one hand the number of times I've mowed a lawn. I'm terrified of power mowers, but not as much as I am terrified of yardwork. Good thing I don't have a yard.

Carol said...

Your Mead Scarf is a beauty! And free blocking material too, such a deal! I'm glad I'm not alone in my furniture "assortment".

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

My living room is mostly my grandparents' living room. The scarf is nice and milk chocolatey.