Friday, June 30, 2006

The SABLE Clan Goes North

This is primarily a travel post. There's not a lot of knitting content but loads of nature photos. Be forewarned!

On the 25th we drove north, toward Hartman Creek State Park, located just west of Waupaca. Just north of DeForest, we ran into a pretty big thunderstorm and had to pull over on the Interstate. It hailed for a good long time as we sat in a line of parked cars on the shoulder of the highway.
Sorry for the reflection in this picture. This was taken as we approached the big, dark cloud.

The park itself was very nice. It had all been logged over for farm land in the 19th century. Large tracts in that part of central Wisconsin have been replanted with pines in evenly spaced rows, which makes for a surreal experience for those of us who expect woodland to be a bit more random.

There are two small lakes, connected by a marshy area, which were created as a fish hatchery in the early 20th century. The swimming lake has a nice sandy bottom and no visible algae. The water was a pleasant temperature: not too cold, not too soupy. Our first evening there, we went over to have a quick look at the lake and the boys both wanted to swim. We didn't have the bathing suits with us (they were back at the site) so Owen wore his shorts and The Little Emperor wore his undies. Since the beach was deserted, we figured no one would mind.

When we first arrived on the beach, The Little Emperor had chased away a skein of geese (look it up; they're only a gaggle in flight). While the guys were swimming, the geese ventured back onto the beach. The Little Emperor wasn't having any of that. Here he is, on goose patrol, in his soaking wet tighty-whities.

Wednesday afternoon brought a big long thunderstorm. I got some knitting done, sitting in the van while the guys fought in the camper. Eventually we decided to go to Stevens Point. I was curious about Herschnerr's, the capital of kitch. I found some good deals in the clearance rack. We also hit a Salvation Army store and picked up a few Kinex kits for Owen, a stuffed raccoon for the Little Emperor and some other miscellaneous amusements. Back at the campsite, the rain had moved out and it was a nice evening.

Here are some nature pics from around the park, some by Scott. He had possession of the camera more than I did on this trip.

Lichen by Scott

Monarch by Scott

Dragonfly by Scott

More tomorrow.


Wendy said...

I wish I could take your vacation (except for the part about sitting by the road during a hail storm).

Lovely photos, too. Glad to see you're having fun! Hurry home and finish your shell pattern!

Jerry & Maxy said...

You and Scott share the nature photo talent - that dragonfly pic is SO cool.

Ali said...

Sounds like quite the adventure. I love camping, I just bought a new tent 2 weeks ago. My old one had seen better days.

The dragonfly picture is unbelievable. Inspiring to go grab the camera and hang outside all day, except that the heat is unbearable here.

I quite like the first photo. The reflection makes the pic that more interesting.

Karen said...

holy cow that dragongly pic is amazing!

Glad you had a good vacation.

Laura said...

only a gaggle in flight? Really? I learned something today!

beautiful photos and that historical marker is hilarious!

Zonda said...

Beautiful scenery and pictures! Sounds like a nice time! :)