Monday, June 12, 2006

Gifted! (In a Cheap A$$ sort of way.)

Miss Notso Many Penny has sent a little box of CheapA$$ goodies.

the spread

Older son and his first itty bitty airplane. He loves folding paper. Started with origami at about age 4. Give him a paper folding project and he's happy for hours.

The collection of greatest Polkas is perfect for Wisconsin: all those German and Polish immigrants. Here's an idea for the coffeeshop? I'll have to give it a listen!


Bezzie said...

I leave for not even a week and I miss so much! BEAUTIFUL path! Mr. Sable did great!!

Love the purple cardi--please alert us when the pattern goes up!

And what a cool dragonfly! I never see them still enough like that to get such a clear picture!

Sarah said...

The purple Cardi is looking great! Can't wait to see it in it's glory!

And I like the garden path too. Ah, my garden needs so much work.....