Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Just a quick check-in with a few updates. The big basement reshuffle is coming along. I ended up not painting the wall in question, mostly because I was tired and it was so damn hot and humid, I didn't want to open the house. And I didn't want to keep paint fumes in. I took some pictures last night and need to get them off the camera still. The storage shelves are in place and loaded with big bins and boxes of yarn. There is still more yarn than can fit, but my goal is to have no more than can fit on those shelves by about a year from now. After all, 112 cubic feet of yarn ought to be enough of a stash for anyone. I got Scott to help me move the knitting machines into place and they seem very happy. The electrician talked me down from a much more involved plan, to simply adding a couple well-placed outlets. What remains to be done: bringing the worktable that holds my sewing machine and serger down from the second floor, and sewing supplies; hanging spool rack, bulletin board, etc.; solving book storage issues. I hope to have an "after" pic by the end of the coming weekend.

I read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in two nights. No, I'm not going to post spoilers. If you're into reading these books, then this one is more of the same. I enjoy them. I know some people don't.

Must make time for the Krakauer next, before Monday evening. Having a deadline helps. Then back to working my way through Ian McEwan's novels.

Now that we are in August, I can really let myself look forward to the beginning of the school year. It won't be too much longer!

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