Sunday, August 21, 2005

We're off camping until Thursday, but I hope to sneak in a little knitting while we're there. I'll bring the big stealth project, of course, but also some socks. Basic socks are my favorite camping project: easy to stop and start, small, long stretches of uncomplicated knitting. I'm not a multi-tasker: I can't even K1, Slip1 for a heel correctly while I chat. But I can K2, P2 just about any time.

We found out Friday that the builders can work us into their schedule really soon, so we should have the porch under way before we know it! Yahoo! Last night I was too excited to sleep, so today I'm tired.

Of course, this means a lot more work in a hurry for us. We need to clear out the corner where the door will go. And finish moving any plants we need to relocate. I'm imagining a wonderful butterfly garden running along our porch and sitting there watching the show!

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zibibbo said...

Hope you all had a fun and mosquito free trip! And post some pics of your vacation spot already why don't ya! And when you have a moment, you've been tagged for the me meme, unless you've already done it of course (: