Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Me Meme

10 years ago: My son Owen was a baby and I was in the painful process of extracting myself from the bookstore I had founded and owned for 10 years. It was a hot miserable summer.

5 years ago: I was anticipating Owen beginning kindergarten, had started a fairly complex Fair Isle sweater from an Alice Starmore chart, and was thinking about maybe having another baby.

1 year ago: I was counting down to the start of school, knitting the original Lucky Pullover from Peace Fleece, and trying to think of design ideas that would be good enough to submit to Knitty. Also made sketches and wrote a pattern for a lacy women's top with bust and waist darts, which I never actually knit.

Yesterday: I was camping at Devil's Lake State Park with my guys. Pictures to follow soon.

5 snacks: brie cheese, carrot sticks, caramel corn, Empire apples from the Cornell Orchards in season, coffee. (Is coffee a snack? It is to me.)

5 songs i know all the words to: Some obscure folk songs that no one else knows, a bunch of kids songs that everyone knows, all the god-awful top ten hits of 1973 (embarrassingly true). Not exactly 5 songs, but it gives you an idea.

5 things I would do with 100million: travel a little more, buy a remote cabin on a cold northern lake, generously support public radio, provide financial security for my loved ones, become a minor-league philanthropist.

5 places to run away to: Venice, Italy; Madeline Island in the Apostle Islands, Lake Superior; Iceland; Alaska; a nearby motel with my husband, leaving the kids at home.

5 things I would never wear: Spiky stilletto heels, bikini bathing suit, mini skirt, midriff-revealing tops, low-slung pants, and thong underwear. OK, that's six things. There are probably more, but they continue this theme.

5 favorite tv shows: These days I don't watch TV. In the past, I've enjoyed the Mystery series on PBS, and The Red Green Show.

5 biggest joys : When a knitting design really works; being left alone to play with fiber; when my kids are kind without me prompting; floating in a canoe on a still lake; talking with my mom on the phone (or better yet, getting to spend time with my mom).

5 favorite toys: my computer, my LK150 knitting machine, digital camera, boom box in my workspace, a good technical pen.

I'm not sure who to tag next: I'll think it over and post some names soon. If you want to do this meme, consider yourself tagged.


helen said...

this was fun to read. neat to get to know more about you, although most of it was what i expected ;) like the music and the clothes

mittenfarce said...

I like the timeline. It made me think.

Tell Owen I like his panorama too.