Thursday, August 18, 2005

Tornados all around

We spent the evening in our basement, a nice little ritual we seem to perform at least once a year. I always kind of hope for some exciting weather, but not too exciting. A lot of the smaller towns and cities around Madison had tornados or funnel clouds, but it seems that we were spared. In the middle of the warning, Colin suddenly realized that Snip (current favorite Beanie Baby) was out on the climber! Crisis. Brave Mom was dispatched to retrieve the soggy little kitty, who then got a trip through the dryer. I took the digital camera out with me, hoping to see some worthy clouds, but it was pretty boring.

For those who are still following the Yellowjacket Saga, the dry ice did nothing. Scott thinks they had a wonderful, deep sleep and awoke refreshed, ready to guard their nest with renewed vigor. Tonight, he's out there arranging a hose with which to pump in hot soapy water. After this, we capitulate and go to the pyrethrins. Talk about your IPM program. At this point, we just don't want the nest to release 50 new queens into our yard for next season.

We did get a reservation to go camping at Devil's Lake, starting Sunday. I'm hoping the crowds will all be off back-to-school shopping or something. Although, there really haven't been many people there on my day trips recently. It's hard to believe, but we haven't had our canoe in the water once this summer. Crazy summer. Scott got all his share of the Big Project done, which means he's free to take off for a few days. After the tornado threat blows through tonight and tomorrow, it should be gorgeous weather for early next week.

After we get back from camping, we really will be in the countdown for starting school. I can hardly wait!

Our other big news, the big screen porch, is moving along. We decided to go with a design and build firm, definitely not "low bidders" but people I feel really listen to and understand me when I describe what I want. And they return calls. And keep us informed. Tomorrow, we go to their office to see some preliminary sketches, from which we will choose one. Then a detailed plan is created and a tighter range of cost estimate based on that presented. Then we get the rest of the money from the bank (gotta love home equity) and they build. We've been wanting a big screen porch almost since we bought this house and it's hard to believe it will really happen.


emily said...

Glad the tornado warning came to nothing. That one came so close to your neighborhood just last summer!
Here is my (typically inefficient, but ecologically harmless) suggestion about the yellow jackets... I used to have a turtle who loooooved eating bees. And wasps. They were his favorite food. So maybe you just need to establish a pond full of Red-ear Slider turtles near the hive.

cori said...

my in-laws live in evansville, so the stoughton tornado was a little too close for them to be happy. glad you got through it ok!