Thursday, August 04, 2005

3 pictures

First off, two progress pictures from the basement reshuffle.
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This one shows the Wall of Yarn, which is 2 feet deep, about 7 feet high, and 8 feet wide. Most of these boxes are packed pretty tightly. Yep, I have a problem. I am powerless over yarn.

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These are my two knitting machines, side by side, under the overhead light. I hope to make better use of them in the coming months.

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This is a swatch of an idea. I think I'll try again in smaller needles, as this is a little filmy for what I have in mind.

Now, I'm off to Devil's Lake with boys. I hope the name of the lake does not inspire hellish behavior, like the day before yesterday when Colin clonked Owen on the head with a rock.

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katmeow said...

Thanks for your email reminder about the Saturday knitting meetup at Victor Allen's. Unfortunately I didn't check it until THAT day, and I had a work picnic to go to that morning anyway. Sorry. I'll try to make it next time. :)

oO man, I can't believe you have a whole wall of yarn!!! You should just post an "OPEN" sign on your basement door because it's like you have a lil store there! Hah.

Well, I hope you had a good time at Devil's Lake. I've yet to go check it out since moving here 2 years ago.
I hope you're enjoying the cooler mornings and nights that we've been having lately! :)