Friday, January 25, 2008


Here's my second version of the Iron Mountain Hat, finished a couple weeks ago, but finally just photographed on a human head. I made this for Mr. SABLE, but he says it's a bit too tight. It fits Owen very well, though, and he says he likes it, so all's not lost. This one was made with a sport weight yarn, with a more rounded, less squared-off looking top than the original.

I also did finish Mr. SABLE's new Adirondack Pullover and it's washed ready to photograph. I took a couple pics flat on the kitchen floor with the glare of the overhead lights and the camera flash. The detail was absolutely lost. Craptacular photos. I hope to get a picture or two actually on the recipient tomorrow, when the temperature will approach the freezing point and it might not hurt to be outside for more than a minute or two.

Finally, a peak of the planning on my next project...
This is going to be a turtleneck pullover for my brother's wife. I played around with various textural details and think I have a plan now. I'm using smooth, classic worsted wt wool, at about 4.5 st per inch, and making a top-down with fitted sleeves. I'll put a fairly substantial cable down the center front, but leave the rest in stockinette stitch for several reasons. One, my S.I.L. is a bit busty and I want to work bust darts on the front. Two, my S.I.L. probably will be more flattered without the bulk that too much texture or too many cables can add. And, finally, three, I just want the elegant simplicity of stockinette st. for most of this garment.

The kids got out of school at 11:30 this morning, just putting the finishing touch on an already-doomed week. Monday: no school for MLK day. Monday night: the LE vomits at bedtime. Tuesday: LE stays home; seems fine. Wednesday and Thursday: I breathe deeply and drink gallons of coffee and before I know it, it's 3:00 p.m. and time to get my boots on. Friday: Home before lunch so the teachers can have time to fill out report cards. I think there are nearly as many disrupted school weeks as normal ones in our school year calendar.


YarnThrower said...

I totally know what you mean about the disrupted school weeks. My 5-year old's preschool follows the Madison school schedule, so they had off this past Monday, but my 7-year old had school. My 7-year old has off this coming Monday, though my 5-year old DOES have school that day. I don't even want to discuss what the schedule is going to be for our spring break(s). (Hint: It does not involve a break for me at all.)

dale-harriet said...

What a fabulous great picture (oh, and the cap's nice too). {grin} When I'm finally toque-free, I'm going to try that herringbone pattern the Daughter made so cleverly, and I may try to make it the edge of a cap while I'm at it. Very nice! (And even though it's supposed to be an outrageous heatwave this weekend, the warm knitwear is still certainly useful!)

Carol said...

That's a really nice hat and I look forward to the sweater. The only thing my sil ever made me was upset ;-)

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Dig the hat. I think we have more disrupted than full weeks here. It gets to be hard to get through a 5-day week sometimes. Last Monday MLK, Friday was records day no kids, This Monday, inservice day no kids, Wednesday, I have an all day meeting. When I had more than one school I always tried to fix my schedule so that the one I liked least fell on a Friday or Monday. I haven't felt like blogging either. I have been knitting though.