Thursday, November 29, 2007

Project Reports

I'm in a project starting frenzy lately

  • Scott's Adirondack Pullover

  • A hat from Knit Picks Panache, like Solstice, only with a different design motif and adult size

  • The Gift Scarf

  • Another scarf I may frog, only 2 inches in, so not a big deal

  • I thought I might get some pictures of the projects, but it's cold here, so I wimped out. And the hat didn't turn out very well, so I need to do a bit of frogging and reknitting on that.

    I did get my submission stuff done and sent with a comfortable amount of time for meeting the deadline. Now it's Wait and See time.

    Meanwhile, I still have more finishing work to do on Constance Shorewood, mostly the zillion and one ends. The collar and band settled down nicely with aggressive steaming. I do think I need to do a bit of something around the buttonholes (like buttonhole stitch, maybe?), to give them a bit more structure and tidy them up.

    I've discovered the joy of tormenting my almost-teenager. Last night we were sitting on the couch near each other while he was doing math homework. I was helping intermittently, and flipping through Knitting for Him. There's one model in that book who I think is really hot. I mentioned to Owen that I was enjoying looking at that model and he was very disturbed; like moving as far away as he could without leaving the couch and saying, "Ew!" disturbed.

    Did you know that if your almost-teen is playing loud music that annoys you, you can trick them into turning it off in under 5 seconds? Just start dancing. No kidding. First he'll say, "Stop it." Then he'll say it louder, with more emphasis: "Stop It!!" And then, he'll turn off the speakers and put on headphones. Ah quiet.

    Tensions seem to be building at Chez SABLE as we head into the December Gift Grab Frenzy. I hate what Christmas has done to our culture and the effect it has on my kids. I find it disturbing and perverse that so much of our retail economy rests on the buying frenzy of one month or so out of the year. I'm sure I'll have a rant or two on that topic before we're done.


    Bezzie said...

    I still remember your rant from last year everytime I get a Hershnerrs email! Hee hee!

    Good tip on the music. I'm filing that one away for a few more years in the future.

    Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

    Tensions building chez SABLE house? How could that be naughty talking, dancing mom?

    Cindy G said...

    "Just start dancing", Ahhh, yes.

    Totally with you on the commercialism thing, so rant away any time. I'll be chiming in with a "Yes" and an "Amen".

    dale-harriet said...

    I'll shout "Amen" and "Yazzah" too; that's also my rant. We announced we're buying NOTHING for my children, and each grandchild is going to get one (well-thought-out) plaything and a book. Period. We adopted a family from Porchlight, and we're having genuine fun finding things on Petite Mama's list. (Bless her heart, she wants some nice hand lotion - like I *need* an excuse to hit Bath & Body Works!)

    MollyBeees said...

    Snort:Start dancing: LOL. I'm so glad I met him because I could just picture how that went!

    Batty said...

    No kids yet, but when I have some and they get to be teenagers, I'll keep the dancing cure for loud music in mind. I wish I'd known that one when my sister was blasting techno through the house!

    Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

    Elizabeth, don't you know? I'll never stop grasping for your things. Just stay strong and don't give me any. It's for my own good.

    Anonymous said...

    Our family decided a long time ago already that we just don't do presents anymore for Christmas. It was a bit tough in the beginning to get into the Christmas spirit, but it's become a lot easier over the years.

    Kristina B said...

    Hi Elizabeth: that sounds like quite the project list!! :-) Glad you're not too bothered about frogging.

    Best of luck re. the submission.