Thursday, December 06, 2007

My life in list form: no time for a proper blog post.

  • Machine conspiracy: one vehicle in shop with unknown malady.

  • Tomorrow's scheduling complications: re dentist, kids, schools, cars.

  • Today's expected snow on top of

  • All the other snow and ice we already have, and

  • It's cold. It was 1 degree F at 7 a.m. today. (or is that one f'in' degree?)

  • current knitting: another gift scarf.

  • Seasonal rant: Maybe this can hold off til around Dec 22?

  • I hope to make a proper post with pics and fun stuff soon. But my BIL and his wife, who are very nice, but childless and tidy and earn about 10 times (not exaggerating) what we live on are coming to visit the day after Christmas and I'm not sure how we can get ready for that.

    The good news is, my sister phoned the other day and we chatted for over an hour. We haven't really talked in about 15 years, so this was interesting.

    More anon. I'm off to pick up Thing 2 at his school. Later, will (I hope) be able to pick up Huz-beast, Thing 1, and my car on a subsequent outing. Otherwise, I'll have to get creative.

    edited to add:
    My vehicle was ready. Whatever made the Check Engine light come on was self-limiting for now. So, I don't need a new transmission today. (Whew!)

    Which means tomorrow will be relatively easy in terms of picking up both kids from school and getting them both to the dentist for their appointments.

    Whatever snow we're supposed to get tonight hasn't started yet, so I didn't have that added complication to my late-afternoon errand-running.


    Batty said...

    We had two cars with constant check engine light issues. There was nothing really wrong with them for the longest time. I figure it's a conspiracy to get you to the shop.

    Cindy G said...

    It's definitely "one f'n degree". So glad it wasn't the transmission!

    Becky in Iowa :O) said...

    Oh just wait your turn. The snow has already hit here. I'm sure it is on it's way to your neck of the woods. Thankfully it wasn't too horrible. But I sitll haven't gotten rid of the ice from last weekend. :(

    Marie Grace said...

    Well, I do believe you are the one who told me to step back and take a breath... maybe you should take your own advice:-)

    Why is it that all the family-Hallmark-moment stuff is so stressful in real life?

    Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

    Yes, it's 10 p.m. and it only just started here. I think sometimes mechanical things just want a change of scenery. It missed the shop and all the garagy smells, both personal and vehicular. LOL. I had a stereo that insisted I drive it to Minneapolis in the depths of winter about every other year where my uncle the stereo repair guy was. Once it got to Mpls, it would be fine for another year or two. Once I only drove it as far as Galena and that did the trick, too. I'm glad your car is feeling better. RE: rich in-law visit-your sense of humor and hospitality will win out if you can relax. Don't sweat the small stuff! Oh, I'm just full of schmidt today.

    Bezzie said...

    Now you know why I ignore my Check Engine Light. My old man used to call them idiot lights. I never understood why until the first time I took in my car because it came on and nothing was wrong!

    Meh, screw the childless well off BIL. If he doesn't like the clutter, ah well. Maybe next year he won't come.

    Lynn said...

    I know those sorts of days, and I don't even have kids.

    the kitchener bitch said...

    Our car's check engine light goes on if we don't screw the gas cap back on tightly enough. I know i'm late to the "check engine light" party but I thought I'd add my $0.02.