Thursday, December 13, 2007

Should We Call the Experts?

I was unpacking my 6 year old son's backpack from school last night and found this art project:
Should we call a child shrink for an evaluation? Or just apprentice him to Tim Burton and call it good? (click it for a closer view.)

Here's the Solstice Tree '07
xmas tree 07
The kids put tinsel on after this picture, so now it sparkles a lot more. Every year I have to remind them that we are looking for a Charlie Brown kind of tree, because our living room is not that big. And the trees always seem much bigger when you get them in the house. This one is not very tall, but has a nice shape. The Little Emperor, artist of the work above, chose it. I think he did a nice job.

A note about the painting on the wall above the mantle on the upper left of the photo. This was done by my late grandmother, who was a watercolor painter of some local renown in western Illinois. She gave it to me years ago. It's not particularly one of my favorites of hers but I like the story that goes with it. She called it "Forgotten Landmark" or something kind of sentimentally evocative like that. My dad always comments, whenever my parents visit, "Oh, it's that old whore house down by the river." Somehow, I trust his interpretation more than hers.


Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

He's a pretty good artist for kindergarten. Don't make fun of that whorehouse down by the river. That's where I was born. Ho Ho Ho!

Bezzie said...

That sounds like something *my* dad would say. Ha ha!

Nah, I think it's a fine picture. But maybe I'm raising a warped kindergartener too?

Cindy G said...

Snorts and falls off chair....

And I say apprentice to Tim Burton... I could see a market for cards with that image (your son's, not your Grandma's)

Wendy said...

Yup, my dad would say something exactly like that, too. Oh and don't worry. Girlfriend brought home something very similar TODAY. I think she's pretty well balanced, so the frown is probably just a frown and not some sort of fancy cigar, if you get my drift.

Penny Karma said...

Does it say FBI on it???

I think it's brilliant, personally.

dale-harriet said...

I think it's a grand picture too. I especially like the scab, if you don't mind my sayin'. Our Solstice Tree (Thor's Oak?) doesn't have anything on it yet. Have to get the grosskinder over to ornament it some time before Christmas, I guess.

peri said...

Love the bad tempered snow man - perfect.