Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Busy as a Bee!

So, the picture doesn't have anything to do with today's post. I think. Maybe that'll change as I type. It's just a spare picture I haven't used yet and it's ready to go, already up on Photobucket, and I don't have anything knitterly to photograph for you right now. (Yeah, yeah, the new loot from Wisconsin Sheep and Wool, but I'm busy.)

Busy as a bee! the title and the tie-in, in one AHA! moment.

The kids are back at school and I'm finding my creative self. And got a fun idea for something that might work for Winter Knitty. Only, I really only started knitting yesterday and the deadline is Sept. 15. So, yeah, I'm busy.

The weather is delightful: crisp, bright, sunny. Hard to believe that last week was AC weather and this week feels like heating season.

The kids are settling into their school years just fine. Owen will be transferring to a magnet school soon, so perhaps more adjustments ahead. It's wonderful news that he can go there. A much smaller school and I doubt they have anywhere near the discipline issues that his current one has.

Now, I'm must go knit knit knit like a crazed woman. I've started the pattern writing and done most of the schematic. (I wonder if I can get an extension?) Back to the lair.


Bezzie said...

Ooo..good luck getting your stuff into Knitty! I hate that we won't be able to see it til it's accepted though.

And congrats to Owen--new magnet school--cool!

Mag said...

Maybe you could get a day or two of extension since you know the editor. :)

That's a great shot, that bee. Amazing.

Hey, great news that the kiddo got into a "Magnet" School. (I had to look it up, I have no idea about school stuff beyond my own ancient experience.)

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

That is sure a juicy, delicious looking flower.

knitaly said...

This picture is amazing!
I'm busy as a bee too! Unfortunately I haven't found my knitting time yet, my little girl is sick, the elder is facing a changing of school, teachers, habits, rules, my work...(better don't talk about it!).
I hope to see your design on Knitty winter issue, have a good inspiration and a pleasant knitting!

Molly Bee said...

Knit Woman! Knit! I would love to see your design in Knitty!

dale-harriet said...

Yes, the weather's perfect! I'm gone all over nest-y and (since spending $30 on one skein of too-luscious-for-words in Colorado) I'm thinking about trying one of those "knit from the stash" plans. But the weather has me poring through patterns and being fairly a-tingle with anticipation! (Oh - but Elizabeth? Remember, it's Wisconsin, and rumor has it that there are a few more hottish days up its sleeve, don't put away the sandals yet....)

Carol said...

That is one honey of a picture! He's so fuzzy, he looks like a stuffed bee! You take great shots of these guys! Good luck on the deadline, if anyone can, it's you!