Saturday, September 08, 2007

All The News That Fits in One Post?

The kids went back to their respective schools this week. The Little Emperor went on Tuesday and Owen on Wednesday. While I enjoyed the time that this gave me, I am definitely looking forward to the coming week, which will be a full week of normal length school days.

Yesterday I spent a little time planning my fall projects. I definitely want to finish up some patterns I started last year (including the Kelebek Vest and Morgan Cardigan) and make them available. To that end, I really need to follow through on this website stuff. Then I have knitting ideas to work on and of course, WIPs to finish.

Oh yeah, and I need to spend some time purging our house of stuff we no longer need so that we can live like quasi-normal folks again. I think I can even get the kids in on the plan, because they like the idea of making money at a yard sale and they are both tired of the stress that living in chaos brings to our lives.

Last night I plied some more of the singles from the merino-romney cross.

I'd been noticing that my plied yarns didn't look as nice as others I see on the internet, and decided to ply a bit more aggressively. I'm pleased with the difference this makes and I got a nice balanced skein out of it.

I'm planning to turn most of what's left from that batch (a very large bag full) into three ply yarn, but I have enough done as two-ply to use in a smaller project or two.

Wisconsin Sheep and Wool
I took Owen along and we met up with Kathy and Sue.

I think I'm trying to express some maternal admonition through a gritted-teeth smile here. What do you think?

Kathy and Sue presented me with a wooden swift as a thank you from my fellow campers for organizing the Alternative Knitting Camp last month. What sweeties! My other swift is a metal and plastic one I've had since about 1992. It doesn't hold the larger skeins I'd like to wind on my niddy noddy, and it's a little temperamental. This was so kind of them! Going camping with adults is such a treat for me in and of itself! (But I'll keep the swift and use it with great joy.)
(edited to include Kathy's correction.)

Sue, sorry this one isn't great. But I think it's pretty good.

Kathy, I had a choice between this one or the Dueling Cameras shot. Even though your eyes are closed, you have such a serene smile on your face. Like you're meditating on the perfect piece of pie.

I haven't photographed my loot yet, but I did not come away empty-handed. Owen is a great enabler, even with fiber stuff, and I did buy several items I would not have, had he not been in tow.
I bought:
  • two bobbins for my wheel, an important purchase.

  • 1 pound bag of 80% natural black Shetland and 20% dark brown alpaca roving. MMMM. I dove right into that once I got home.

  • Some merino roving to blend with some yak down I bought in NH last summer.

  • Some other merino roving because Owen liked the color.

  • Four other balls of generic wool roving, because Owen liked the colors.

  • That's all folks!


    Molly Bee said...

    I looked for you too and couldn't find you. The only folks I knew were Sandy from Sandy's Palet, Moe from 3 Crows and Erica from the Ear. What a great day for shopping. Looks like you had a great time!

    YarnThrower said...

    A "toast" to life getting back to "normal" (whatever that is...) as our kids are back in school!

    Looks like you had a fun day at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool (AND, you brought the right person with you! -- new rule for me -- always take an enabler!) I thought about going, though too many other things going on, but I watch the results of your spinning anxiously!

    Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

    What a nice post. I must make a correction. The swift is not from Sue and me only. It is from all the campers. Furthermore, it is not just because you organized the best camping trip on which I've ever been, but also because you did all the work once there and provided shelter. --- I especially like the picture that was taken by Mr. Owen. Nice composition. Nice young man.

    Anonymous said...

    You didn't mention your cameo appearance on the 6:00 pm news! Here I was watching, and they aired a story about the festival, and I said to Jay, "I wonder if I'll see anyone I know?" Cut to the interview of the organizer, and who should walk behind her but you? You looked like you were enjoying yourself, too!

    Lovely Merino-Romney, too. Such a beautiful nutmeg color (or at least that's what it is on my monitor)!

    Margot Schips said...

    Your yarn looks lovely, it's such a gorgeous shade of brown too. Liked your recap + pix of WS&W. For the fourth year in a row, I went to VTS&W without my camera. You'd think I'd learn...

    Bezzie said...

    "...because Owen liked the colors."

    Ah, I can only hope to raise Chunky to end up like this! Hee hee!

    Michelle said...

    Sounds like Owen is getting ready to ask you for a wheel of his own :)

    Elizabeth said...

    Oh Man! I made the news and I never even noticed. I did not see a news van anywhere and never noticed an interview-in-progress.

    Michelle, last night when we were talking about me eventually upgrading my wheel, Owen asked if he could have my current one when I do.

    Lynn said...

    Can I take Owen to Rhinebeck with me? Even better, could YOU bring Own to Rhinebeck? Two enablers are better than one. Not that I need any more fiber....

    And as for knitting to good music or other such accompaniment, yup, I do that, but I'm still bogged down. I'll just keep plugging away.

    Batty said...

    What fun! And that yarn is so pretty and fluffy and squishy-looking! I really like it.

    dale-harriet said...

    Elizabeth, we went today (Sun)! Had the best time watching a great dog driving sheep around...and laughed ourselves silly watching this skillful, elegant and noble dog herding...ducks! I didn't buy anything (scored some in CO, though) but (get this) the Husband spent a LONG time talking to a fellow selling spinning wheels....remember when you said to me, "Oh, you don't spin? YET?" Well, honestly if I'd begged, I think I'd have brought home a stunning little saxony on the spot. I'm really not QUITE ready, but I think when I am I won't have to work too hard to beg!

    Mag said...

    Looks like a good time was had by all.

    The brown yarn is excellent.

    Carol said...

    Looks like you girls had a great time! Gotta give props to Owen for encouraging you to buy! What a guy!

    DeltaDawn said...

    Amazing - I just plied some brown cormo cross, and re-plied it this morning because I just don't put enough twist in it - now it looks a whole lot bettah and a whole lot like yours! Why oh why am I afraid of the twist???

    I love the bee photo above too - gorgeous.