Monday, August 27, 2007

More Spinning and other stuff

Here's a little pile of the 3 ply black and white marled yarn from the Brown Sheep mill ends. Click it to get an interesting closer look. I haven't quantified anything about this yarn yet, but so far, it's one fairly big skein and 3 mini-skeins and looks to me like a DK worsted weight. (edited to add: I made a little sample from one of the mini skeins and it looks good on US #7 needles, getting 17 st/4 inches/10 cm.) I hope to make a bunch more of it.

I'm very nearly done the body on the Fair Isle cardigan: about 8 more rounds. Then I get to figure out how to make my sleeves with a steeked sleeve cap and matching pattern bands from the sleeve to the body. That's one big advantage to drop sleeves. I didn't take another picture because it hasn't changed that much since the last one.

I thought I'd reply to a few comments from the last post.

Peri and others who commented on the school registration: Every year we need to go to each kid's school and stand in long lines to fill out paperwork and pay fees. They used to send home a stack of forms for correction and signature the first day, but I think they had a hard time getting them all back. So, they set up stations around the gymnasium and one must file around handing in the health form, the emergency contact form, the money, etc, and set up a lunch money account (if desired) and check on the bus routes (if applicable). The elementary fees are only $35 a year, but the middle school ones are a shock. A large part of it is rental of the band instrument, which we could avoid if we were willing to buy a bassoon. ;-).

Becky, I think PMS is a big part of my moods, too. I definitely have one or two days a month when I just want to be left alone. My kids seem to sense that this is what I need, so they get in my face even more. Unfortunately, my cycles are so short that I spend two-thirds of my time either having PMS or having a period. No fun.

For all who expressed concern, thank you. If I feel like things are not right once the school year starts and my stress level drops, I'll talk to my doctor. I seldom get depressed in the winter, although I do have an urge to hibernate. But this summer has been difficult weather-wise. I enjoy a nice rainy day, but three weeks of dark dismal rain and being cooped up with my kids, who prevent me from pursuing any creative thing of my own that might buoy me up... well, that's too much. And they fight all the time.

Magatha, I'm glad you could see the humor in my quandary, too. I had a chuckle about it as I realized what was going on.

So, just this week to get through. Then the three day weekend. And then it's my time!


Becky in Iowa :O) said...

Love the yarn. You are making me jealous. I got myself a spindle, but I can't quite figure it out. I asked my mom to download a YouTube grabber program. I'm going to see what I can find on there for tutorials and just watch them over and over. hehe

BTW You have us beat on the elementary fees. Nick's fees were $46. I'm just dreading when he is 16 and it is time for driver's education. I do believe right now just for that it is about $250. Just imagine what it is going to be in 8 years. sniffle

MollyBeees said...

Hang in there! Only one more week to go! I think this %^&# rain has a lot to do with everyone's mood lately! Hopefully the crisp fall days will being some peace.
Wonderful looking yarn...especially when you open it up and look at the detail!

Zonda said...

Beautiful handspun!!! Fee's, yuk! This is our last year of private school for DD, then College next year for DS. I feel for you.

Hoping things get brighter for you soon! Take care!

YarnThrower said...

Hang in there, Elizabeth! I know what you mean about having two boys who argue all the time. I think they're ready to go back, too!

Your yarn is beautiful!

Kendra said...

My parents didn't buy me a bassoon until I was in high school.


HappyPiranha said...

Bassoon? Oh so totally awesome! 17 yo DS has played bassoon since 6th grade. (And, yes, he did pick it out on his own, much to the surprise and delight of the middle school band director.) We are soooooo lucky, though: his middle school owns 2 or 3 bassoons, so he was allowed to use them for free. He started high school the second year after our school opened, and the band director made sure the school bought 3 or 4 bassoons. Four years of free bassooning! Unfortunately for us, DS wants to go to music school for college and major in music performance (bassoon, of course), so in two years we will be buying him a bassoon of his own. As a tip, don't buy the plastic reeds, go for the natural ones. And I can't recommend Woodwind Brasswind more highly -

Magatha said...

I've had to address the state of my mental health this summer too. I need a laugh now and again, otherwise I get too sarcastic and pessimistic and no one can tolerate my presence even in typed form. Hope the sun shines on you all of the fall.

Carina said...

I'm going crazy with my kids home all the time--and we didn't have near the rain you guys did. Let's count down the days until school starts together! :)

Great yarn, btw. I'm going to spin some tonight, too. I have to have some class samples, if my class fills.

jpknits said...

Your spinning is quite striking, Elizabeth. (Thanks for the note about the blog editing. Nice to know that the boat has company!)

Guro said...

Beautiful handspun! I also like the makeover you've made to your blog.

Sending some more good weather and positive thoughts your way.