Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Story of Three Hats

3hatsOnce a woman made a beautiful sweater which she tried to publish in an online knitting magazine. But, alas, it wasn't right for their market. Then she submitted it to a well-regarded print magazine, but they did not want to publish the design either. Undaunted, the woman said, "I'll just publish it myself," and she did.

After a few weeks she decided that it would pretty easy to make a hat using the same design elements and yarn. And in fact, it ought to have been a very easy project. But it was not. She set to work right away and made a hat. It looked nice, but it was too small. In fact, it would have fit a toddler. No problem, she thought. I'll make a bigger one. And she did! But it was too big! And when she gave it a light wash to block, it grew even bigger! alisharHat2sThe hat fell down over her eyes and did not look stylish at all! This hat would fit someone with a giant head and big hair. Despairing of ever getting it right, the knitter made some other things for a while. She made two other hats in a completely different style. She worked on a new sweater design. But the hat project needed to be done. "This time," she said to herself, "it will be just right. And it was!


Laura said...

You certainly are persistent!

I like how the hat fits. The fullness at the top makes it unique. I don't like the "skull cap" look.

Jerry & Maxy said...

I love it! 3rd time is a CHARM! Like Laura, I really like the shape of it.

Sweet work! HURRAY!

Bezzie said...

Wow. That's perfect. I admire the exquisite detail on it the most.

Margot said...

Congratulations! It IS just right. And you look rather pleased with yourself, as you should.

Mary, Mary... said...

I agree w/Laura re: skullcaps. Beautifully done, tho' I was waiting for the three bears to model them!

Marie said...

Knitters always prevail! The hat looks just as terrific as the sweater! What are ya gonna do with the other 2? I think you should turn the big one upside down and say its a basket and that you did it on purpose:-)

Sarah said...

I love the hat too.

And the sweater it matches!

Congrats on perservering!

Now go find a cute toddler to give the little one to!

And maybe mildly felt the big one? Is it feltable?

Elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone.

Unfortunately, the big one is not overly long, just overly wide. So, if I felt it, it will be very strangely proportioned and still probably won't fit a head right. I need to find someone with substantial dreadlocks to gift it to.

The small one will probably fit my niece soon.

I've never liked the skullcap look, either. Especially on myself. Maybe that's because my face is very long. Anyway, a little fullness on the top of a hat suits me. It also tends not to give me as bad a case of hat head.

Terby said...

What they said - I like the hat, but have nothing profound to add. Are you going to the alpaca show this weekend?

allisonmariecat said...

I love a story with a happy ending! It's lovely.