Friday, April 28, 2006

I Made More Yarn!

I think I'm really getting the hang of this drop spindle biz. And I'm leaning more toward a wheel. At least doing a little research. Research doesn't hurt, right?

Here's a closer view. Most of this batch is probably around worsted weight. It's just under 22 yards. Still not enough to use by itself, but I'm still hoping to make enough for a hat from the one ball of roving we bought at Rainbow Fleece Farm.

Tomorrow is a day chock full of knitterly opportunities. Last Saturday Knitting in the morning, open house at Blackberry Ridge Mill all day, and the Alpaca Fest all weekend. The safest thing would be for me to sit home and play with the yarn I already own. Well, knitting group is safe because it meets at a coffee shop and I usually make great progress on socks while I'm there. But Blackberry Ridge and the Alpaca Fest are both extremely dangerous! Any co-conspirators with me? Should we make a break for it?


sweater girl said...

OMG! I almost forgot about Alpac Fest. I have to try to squeeze some time in to check it out!

Terby said...

Blackberry Ridge is having an open house??? I really wish the husband wasn't working this weekend. My wallet probably appreciates it though.

Sarah said...

Oh no.

You definitely want to play with some wheels now.

I can say I highly recommend the Fricke DT wheel I got at the end of March. I love the little Woolee Winder too.

I'm spinning up a storm now.

Time to try out some wheels!

YarnThrower said...

I'm going to be at Blackberry Ridge tomorrow in the late morning sometime. I'll say "Hi" if I see you there... IT is dangerous. What also is dangerous is that Coyote Yarns (in Middleton) is going out of business, so everything in the store is 50% off if you accumulate a shopping cart that totals $50 before the discount. In other words, $50 worth of yarn for $25.

Jerry & Maxy said...

I'm glad I live in CO. No events to lure money out of my wallet :).


Bezzie said...

Wow! I'm impressed! I've spindled once...and yes, it is kind of like weed--the gateway drug!!! Not that I have any intention of injecting roving straight into my veins, but it is addicting!

The Purloined Letter said...


I love my Turkish spindle. And yep, a wheel is on my schedule, too! (I'm trying them out this weekend at Maryland Sheep and Wool.)