Saturday, December 10, 2005

Mitten pattern count down...

I did get the mitten pattern finished this evening. I sent the pdf and some photos off to Wendy in Italy. I'm not sure what her schedule is like this weekend, but I know she'll get it up and available as soon as she can.

I worked out a graph for the matching hat last night. Started knitting tonight. I put one slightly tricky element right at the beginning: a Baltic Braid. You can see an example on this page of the Peace Fleece site. Scroll down to the hat with Baltic Braid trim.

I hope to make the hat out of the remaining yarn from the mittens. I started those with a 4 oz skein of Germantown (the white) and a 100 gm skein of Peer Gynt (called Sport Weight, but works well as Light Worsted). Ideally, a person could make the set from 100 grams each of two colors. If the hat starts to run short on the blue, I have a Plan B, but I'm not as happy with it as I am with Plan A. If I do run out of the blue, I'll have to start again, because this was one of my Goodwill odd skeins and I doubt I could match the color on a 25 year old skein of yarn from Norway.

Look for hat progress pics in the next day or two.

The other big project around here was cleaning the living room enough to get a tree. I hauled out a bunch of boxes of miscellaneous toys to sort in the playroom. Put a bunch of stuff in recycling or trash. Boxed some items to take to storage on their way to the Goodwill (the two-step schlep: it helps with plausible denial when things get remembered after they go missing). I actually got all the way to the fireplace and we had a firelog hanging around from last year. So, we had a nice heartwarming moment with all of us eating popcorn in front of a cheery fire, with brotherly love and harmony in the air. It lasted about 10 minutes. Would have made a good Christmas card if I'd had the camera handy.


Wendy said...

We did the same thing, too: Make room for a tree. Lucky us, we brought it home without too much trouble, just a bit of furniture that had to be moved around. The toys stayed in the other room. I just wish we had cooler weather like you. It is too warm here for it to feel like a "real" christmas.

Worse, we have no need for knitted gloves or hats. I'm lost.

Carina said...

We did the dig-out thing, too, and the scary thing is, we just moved into this house last May. We have entirely too much stuff, and I am making it worse with my added Christmas present pile in an undisclosed location. *sigh*

I can't wait to see the hat--those mittens are beautiful, and I'm thinking of making them. I am working up some mittens for a Christmas present, and apparently I had forgotten how much fun they are to make.