Saturday, December 10, 2005

Heat Wave?

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This morning's temperature here in balmy Wisconsin. This is a big improvement over the last week or more when we haven't broken 15 degrees F for daytime highs!

Here is my nearly done Branching Out. I say nearly done because you will notice I have not yet darned in the ends.
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It blocked out quite long. I'm pleased about that, because I think such a skinny lightweight version should have some extra length to compensate. I used a little over half of a 2 oz, 350 yard skein. Pretty economical. More for fashion than for warmth, but that's okay.

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Terby said...

It felt pretty warm when the wind wasn't blowing. Then it was a little chilly outside.

Branching Out looks pretty! I like this pattern a lot - very geometric, and it seems to work with many colors.