Sunday, December 18, 2005

Diamond Hat ready now, too!

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Mine is a little big, but you can make it smaller by using smaller needles and a tighter gauge. The pattern will be available at The Garter Belt as soon as Wendy performs her magic. The good news is that I was able to make the mitten and hat set from the 100 gram ball of blue and 4 oz skein of white. The blue was the worrisome one.

Next up in this series: cuff-to-tip mittens with a side gusset for the thumb.

Also, it's this time of year:
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I made Owen's stocking in Dec. 1995 and Colin's in December of 2002. (Yes, he spent his first Christmas without a personalized stocking. What are you going to do? Report me to Martha Stewart?) The really big problem with these stockings is that Colin's is noticably larger than Owen's. Try explaining to a kid why it doesn't really matter. It's not like Santa keeps on shoving loot in there until it's full. Owen's stocking was adapted from a magazine pattern. I think it was a 1970s Family Circle Christmas Crap, er I mean, Craft issue. Colin's was a little more free-form. With a little tweaking, I think Colin's could be a nice pattern. But in a kid's view, it's perfect because it is REALLY BIG!


Jerry & Maxy said...

Oooooh,I LOVE the hat! I see a go at the set in my future. Lovely work, Elizabeth.

Terby said...

Yup. I'm definitely adding the hat and mittens to my want to knit list. And I like the stockings too. The husband has requested one for the kid. Good thing I like knitting socks!

Margot said...

The hat is fabulous. I actually like it better than the mittens, even though they are a set.

Nice stockings, too. I promised a stocking for SO 2 yrs ago - but he doesn't like any of the patterns I have. He knows as soon as he designs one I'll make it. I'm in no hurry, it's easier to fill a stocking that isn't there!

Jen said...

I love the stockings. I've been looking for good pattern ideas and those are my favorite ones I've seen.

Jenny said...

I love those stockings, Elizabeth. Something for me to aspire to!

Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one who thinks the blood donation people can be a little mean!

Chris said...

I can see Owen's point! They're both very fun.