Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Maternal bragging ahead.

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My ten year old son, Owen, drew this picture earlier today. Click to make it bigger. He has always had an artistic bent, but lately the quality of his sketches has made a big leap forward. He's leaving the "kid art" and behind and really starting to make art. I'm very proud of him.


Carina said...

Wow!!! That's amazingly good! Get that boy a huge pile of paper and the best pencils money can buy!

Btw, I know my mom would say this, so here goes: don't get him lessons. She taught high school art for 35 years, and she often had these amazingly talented students who'd been hurt by some teacher in the past. She says that a student has to be in high school before they can start to handle real criticism and that most people start it too early.

Of course, she was much loved and gives private lessons now herself (using encouragement and ideas to keep them going). I'm just saying--he's got real talent, and he needs feeding. :D

Wendy said...

I rec'd this from you via email today and I had to look at it a couple of times. It is so great! Your son must have gotten his artistic ways from you. I like how the kitty has a nice serene look on its face...Such a nice departure from all the violent scenes a lot of the kids are drawing these days.

Elizabeth said...

Actually, my husband (Mr SABLE?) has tremendous artistic talent. I think the pure skill in figure drawing from life is coming from him more than me. I'd put my raw artistic skills at slightly higher than average. But both of them are way higher than average.

Donna said...

Owen, that is a great drawing.

Elizabeth, you must be proud. :-)