Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Playing Catch-up

Well, the vacation is done. Some highlights include meeting Poops, swimming in our favorite top-secret pond, seeing my parents. Some low points include cleaning up kid-barf twice, getting up at ungodly hours both to go there and to come home, and trying to referee nasty behavior between my kids while we were there.

I only took a couple pictures and wasn't too thrilled with the few I took.

While there, I made many inches of progress on a sock, including the part that has the heel, and some progress on a cardigan for the Mister.

Since we've gotten home, I've done some spinning, a bit of knitting, a lot of yelling at my kids, got both kids' school registrations settled, and have mostly been ticking down the time until the morning of September 1.

Public Service Announcement
If you are within a half a day's drive of Madison and could welcome an adult cat into your home, please let me know. A friend of mine suddenly needs to re-home her cats on short notice.

And a slightly amusing non-sequitor...
I phoned our family doc's office today to schedule well-visits for both boys. I've been flaky about this and they are both overdue. The receptionist told me that they were booking quite far out. No surprise: she's a popular doctor. I mentioned that the appointments didn't need to be together and in fact, would prefer them to come separately. She offered a date in late October for Owen. I said fine. Then she offered another date a few days later for the little guy. I said fine, and wrote that down. Then she thanked me for being easy! She said usually the caller wants appointments for next week, and they have five kids, and they want them all seen on one visit. She was really genuinely tickled to deal with someone who said, "October 21? Great!"


Cindy G said...

Yay! I get to be first.
1) Welcome back!
2) Who is Poops?
3) I'm impatiently awaiting the start of school, too (DH is wonderful, but does rattle around the house).

Kaye said...

Poops needs no explanation! Hee hee!

I find my ped loved it when you actually didn't wait til the week before school to schedule school physicals. Hee hee.

Poops said...

Glad to hear you made it back all in one piece. Did I mention it's going to be in the 40's on Thursday and Friday morning? Figures...

We went back to school today and it was heavenly! So quiet! I'd quite forgotten what it's like to not have two kids screeching at each other all day...

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Well, meeting Poops? That's got to be a highpoint. I'm sorry about the cats. I can't help.

Love, jugibleg