Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some of My Recent Stash Acquisitions

Yesterday was nice enough that I actually took some pictures of some of the yarn I've bought over the last couple of months. And I even added some yarn to my stash list on Ravelry. I absolutely do not aspire to have a thorough and complete stash inventory on Ravelry or anywhere else. I don't want to spend the time and energy and I don't think I really want the world to see just how bad it is. Plus, maybe I don't want to really know, myself. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt, as they say.

Anyway, here's some yarn-ography of a few recent acquisitions:

Malabrigo Worsted, colorway Stonechat, bought at the Knitting Tree in Madison.

Yarn From the Barn, from Rainbow Fleece Farm. These have 400 yards in 4 oz, work up at about sport weight. I think they may become a stranded hat and mittens.

Also from Rainbow Fleece Farm, 85% Targhee Fleck Wool/15% silk. I have 9 oz in all, at 350 yards/4 oz

Shokay Yak Down. I splurged on this at The Sow's Ear's spring sale. Even at 30% off, it was still an indulgence.

LittleFreak Sport from CableFreak's ArtFire shop. These are organic merino sport weight wool. They are two different purples, which I thought might be more different than they turned out to be. It will be more challenging to make them work together in one piece than I originally hoped, but I have ideas about that. The base yarn is wonderful and her dyeing is terrific.

Now, I should actually go knit or something, eh?


Poops said...

I've thought of doing something like that with the purples; take two colors that are close, but not quite--two different dyelots of the same color, even--and go for a variegated colorwork...thing. I haven't figured it out yet. If you do, let me know how it turns out.

And I'm coveting that Malabrigo. How lovely!

Helen said...

Gorgeous! I don't take the time to put ALL yarn on Ravelry, but it is nice for a day like today where I do want to make a certain pattern (of which I have to go to the library to get a magazine issue) and want to look at my stash yarn from work...but most of my yarns are old and such they are not with all details in ravelry (oops, strange sentence, sorry!) so it doesn't the one yarn I was really thinking of was a swap with no labels, and it's not in Rav but that wouldn't help either...ugh. Plus, no way am I logging all my akrill ;)

Molly Bee said...

Oooo! And a plethora of purple for Molly Bee! Pretty! Pretty!

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

MollyBeees took my answerr!

Michelle said...

I followed you over here from your comment on Molly Bee's blog; I couldn't help but notice that you look like a "mature" mother of a seven-year-old, like I am! (I hope I'm right and you're not now a highly-offended 30-year-old who thinks I have a lot of gall!) Anyway, besides seven-year-olds, I see we also have spinning and knitting in common (I also have the sheep). You sure have diverse color appetites in your yarn! A lot of purple, yes, but some other colors that I wouldn't have guessed a purple-lover to like.

Bezzie said...

Wait isn't Owen 8 now? ;-)

THAT is a great picture of Stonechat--best one I've seen on the interwebs--and that includes the yarn store sites selling it!

Elizabeth said...

Bezzie, Owen is 5 going on 50! ;)

Sue, aka seiding said...

In Homer Simpson voiceMmmm, purple!