Monday, November 17, 2008

Knitting Pictures!

This is a simple alpaca watchcap for my brother. This yarn is wonderful! Blue Sky Alpaca sport weight my friend Wendy sent. My brother has lost most of his hair, so I think a nice cozy alpaca watch cap will be a good thing in a Maine winter.

This is a cardigan I'm making for my sister, and maybe I'll make a pattern of it, too. I've done the majority of the knitting on the machine, to speed things up, but I have a lot of finishing to go, still. The blue yarn is waste yarn that's just holding the stitches. I've got a hand-knit length of the same edging from the cuff of the sleeves almost ready to attach to the bottom hem. I have a few ideas for the neckline and I'm quite baffled, as yet, about how to handle the front edges and closing. Mulling mulling.

The color of this yarn is one I knew would be hard to capture in a photograph. It's kind of a loden, mossy, grey-green, more green than grey. The camera caught it more grey than green, so I compensated in photoshop, and indeed, I may have gone too far toward green now. Alas. And your monitor will see it differently anyway.

It's Universal Yarns worsted wool, which I got on sale in the spring at The Sow's Ear. Total bargain project!

In Other News
For those who occasionally ask, Mr. SABLE is still collecting unemployment insurance. We're still doing ok with that. I'd say he's enjoying his little sabbatical from the working world at this point. Stay tuned!


MollyBeees said...

Beautiful projects. You can almost feel how soft the brown alpaca is! Where does your brother live in Maine?

Leslie said...

Very pretty knits! I especially love that brown alpaca...yum.

Trillian42 said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous cardi. I hope you do write up the pattern!

I've considered trying a machine for some of those stockinette-heavy projects - do you have trouble getting the same gauge from machine to needles?

Glad to hear that Mr. SABLE is doing ok while he's still hunting. Keeping my fingers crossed that he gets good news soon!

Bezzie said...

Hm, the collar does pose an interesting challenge...a simple tie closure wouldn't be bad. But it depends how you go with the neckline.

I gotta say I'm a real fan of mindless hand knit stockinette! Hee hee!

Cindy G said...

Like the sweater very much. It's elegant. A row of tiny pearl buttons with little loops to close them? White ones would be to stark, but grey or soft green?

The watch cap looks warm and classy. Sometimes you just can't improve on the basics.

Archiknist said...

Can your machine do the front edge lace, or was that hand knit and sewed on? (I've never investigated knitting machines, or maybe it wouldn't be surprising if they can knit lace?!)

I like the little button idea--she'd be able to close it all the way if she wanted, but they wouldn't detract from the lace if she left it open.

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

I think the little pearl buttons would be nice, but my first thought was to leave it as it is. I have some of that same brown alpaca yarn only it's half silk. It's delovely. I almost think that brand might be worth the high prices it sells for. Nah. Well, maybe just for small projects.

Wendy said...

I'm loving your sweater. I think it is a must-pattern.