Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is this Startitis?

On Monday Kathy mused a bit on the nature of Startitis, as opposed to Stop-itis. Hmm. Well, I agree there's often a correlation between the two syndromes, and I agree that they aren't exactly the same. For me, startitis is just that: the compulsion to keep starting more projects, regardless of how many are currently in the pipeline. This often leads to stopitis, but only because I only have one pair of hands and one pair of eyes. So, if I start on something new, I'm not working on the something old. It doesn't mean the something old is necessarily stopped, though, until I realize it's been several months since I picked it up. That makes sense, right?

So, currently I have the Bourgeois Swing Coat, which is cruising along nicely. I will need to pick out the cast-off on the body and knit that a bit longer, but I'm going to wait until I'm done with the second sleeve, so I can see how much longer it can go. I noticed that Webs currently has some of the DiVe Autunno discontinued colors on the Close-outs page, so hurry along and order some, so I won't be tempted. I can tell you from having this project in my lap while knitting, that it will be a wonderful warm sweater in January.

Also I'm working on the long-dormant Kauni cardigan.

I just started a machine knit cardigan that will probably be a Christmas present for my sister, if it comes out ok. That's so fast, it almost doesn't count.

And I started a 2X2 ribbed watchcap for my brother from Blue Sky Alpaca's sport weight.

And I'm planning to machine knit a cardigan for my Dad, too, after I dig out some suitable stash yarn.

Then there's a scarf from Mirasol Hacho, which I started earlier in the fall, but haven't shown you.

I need to get busy with the camera. For that, I think I'll need light, which is sorely lacking in Wisconsin lately.

I know there are some other pending projects slipping my mind right now.

Monday night I got the GI bug that the Little Emperor had Thursday and Friday. It was short, but vicious. I'm almost restored to my right self. I hope Mr. SABLE will finish the meatloaf that was Monday night's dinner, because I know I'll never want to face that again, having become all-too-reacquainted with my dinner around 9 on Monday night.

So, my advice of the day: wash your hands! Then wash them again!


MollyBeees said...

Boy are you ambitious. Lots of BIG projects too. I'm a sock, scarf, dishcloth and hat girl, as you know. After Christmas I am starting the Sampler Afghan on the front of 'Cables Untangled' though. That counts as big!

I hear you about the light. It's dark when I leave the house, dark when I get home and rainy on the weekends. What's a girl to do!

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Between the GI funk and the head cold that's going around, everyone I know is feeling yucky!

Bezzie said...

I kinda wish I had startitis. I've been suffering from a serious case of knitting uninspiration.

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Sorry to hear about your being sick. Something viscious has hit my school, too. So far, I'm ok. And, it must be around now, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

My verification "word" is ovell. I think that's the Yiddishe pronunciation of "Oh, well." I agree. The words are more wordlike.

CatBookMom said...

I can relate to the startitis. Besides 2 shawls in months-long time out, there are 5 weeks left till Christmas, and I think I have all my knitted gifts done except DH's. Can I hold off the startitis and work on his entrelac vest? Stay tuned.

I made Evelyn Clark's Leaf Lace shawl with the Mirasol Hacho and loved working with the yarn. Hope you do, too.