Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Deep Breath

Last night we uploaded our Knitcircus #4 files to the printer, so that's done. Now we wait about 2 weeks and then we have the 1000 copies to mail out and deliver to the LYSs.

So, on to other stuff.
I have a couple stealth projects in the works for Knitcircus #5, to be released in February '09. And some other ideas for stuff that I'll be able to show'n'tell about, once I get the "show" part done.

Meanwhile, the kids are home for a teacher service day!! Can you believe it? We had one partial week of school, one normal full week, and now, a day off.

Mr. SABLE has had some nibbles on his job search. He did get one very low offer (a federal agency job for which he wasn't exactly a highly-qualified candidate) and some biotech prospects for this week. He's been carrying a lot of stress and it's taking a toll on the rest of us, but I hope it will resolve soon. The best possible outcome would be for him to line up a new job that starts some time after mid-October. Then he'd get a nice long break before starting, and it would involve some school days, which would be nice.

Our weather here is just about perfect today: high in the low 70s and a bit breezy, very sunny. I'm amazed at how perfectly the weather correlates with the nominal season. We're going along through August: hot hot hot and humid. Then BAM, Sept comes and it's like the weather gods got the memo. The temperature and humidity drop (well, except for those two days it rained, but we did need that) and it's instant fall.

Here are some random photos taken over the last month or so.


Kitty Mommy said...

Love the picture of the coneflowers! I'll try and send some good job hunting vibes your way. That kind of stress is no fun!

YarnThrower said...

Fun photos! Love the one of the Capitol through the Overture Center dome!

Great to have the next issue of Knit Circus behind you! YAY! I'll be watching for it at the yarn store!

Bezzie said...

Bah yes, it does seem like the inservices come FAST! We've got this silly group of them in November--they go to school Monday, get Tuesday off, go to school Wednesday and get Thursday and Friday off. ????

Best of luck in the job department. The limbo is what sucks harder than any change.

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

I can tell you that we teachers are not exactly fond of the interruptions in the schedule either. I must say to the credit of my large, troubled urban school system that we don't have quite as ridiculous dates as Bezzie and Eliz. seem to have. I can hardly wait for the new KnitCircus. I'm a subscriber, you know. urwugo

MollyBeees said...

((Hugs))I know how stressful uncertainty can be! I hope hubby gets a job here! Great pics! Where were you when you took the one of the capitol? Can't wait to see the new mag!

Elizabeth said...

Molly Bee,
I took the picture of the capitol from the rooftop sculpture garden of the Overture Center.

Cindy G said...

Good thoughts for the job search.

My teacher husband also thinks in-service days are a royal PITA.

Leslie said...

Congrats on finishing your big project! That's got to be quite a relief. I hope your husband's job search looks up soon--that would be terribly stressful on a household.