Saturday, October 06, 2007


The spinning of the last few days

This is 3 ply from the Brown Sheep mill ends; wool and mohair. I didn't ply the earlier yarn I made from this as tightly as I did this, so not sure how well it will all work together in one project. You can see some of the earlier effort in the upper left of this picture. I'm considering running the older skeins back through the wheel for a bit more twist, as I've come to realize that I'd been under-plying my yarn up until about 3 weeks ago. Of course, there's so much fiber waiting to be spun, maybe I should just move forward from here and not try to go back and fix earlier efforts.

Last night I went to the knit night party at The Sow's Ear. They had a big turnout and I saw a couple of my favorite local blogger/knitters, Molly B (whom I'll never manage to call by her correct name), and Dale-Harriet. I met Dale's delightful daughter, Mary, and chatted a bit with Heather B. Also bought the Interweave Gifts issue (LOVE the cover hat!), the new Spin Off, and a couple big balls of locally made roving in wonderful subtle shades of grey, black, blues, and purples.

Today, I'm happy to report, The Little Emperor seems well! Hallelujah! His voice is almost normal, fever is gone, and appetite and energy levels are returning to normal. I hope we don't get any more bugs like that one this school year.

Also today, I went to the supermarket and stocked up on everything. Spent $175! That ought to hold us a little while.

While I was out getting pictures of the handspun yarn, I noticed a monarch working the butterfly bush flowers:

I got about 6 good images before she flew away.


Sue, aka seiding said...

I love your nature pics, I love your yarn, I'm glad the LE is feeling better, poor kid.

Lynn said...

Ditto to what Sue said. And, for some reason, I just enjoy the sort-of-daily updates about your life.

YarnThrower said...

YAY -- The gift issue! I'm going to run out today to try to find it! I wish I could have been at the Sow's Ear last night! Instead, I had my 25th year high school reunion, though that was nice, too. Glad to hear your son is feeling better -- just in time for the school week!

Leslie said...

Beautiful yarn, and beautiful monarch shots! Glad to hear the bug's finally left your home (fingers crossed).

MollyBeees said...

The spinning came out lovely! I love the dark and light together. Love the butterflies too! Was great to see you on Friday night-even if it was a short visit!

dale-harriet said...

Boy, are those pictures beautful - your camera must be fast, if I try pictures like that the subject invariably splits before the shutter "shuts" Thank you for sharing them! Oh - and next time the Evil Grunge sneaks into Chez S.A.B.L.E. let me know; I have a less-than-24-hour-turnaround on my Genuine Jewish Bubbehs' Life-Restoring Chicken Soup. :o)

Guro said...

Lovely yarn! And the knit night at the Sow's Ear sounds like so much fun!

Magatha said...

Have you ever sold any of your photos? Really, you could make a living at it. (OK, here's the usual Mag amazement, I don't think I've ever seen a Monarch butterfly IRL.)
Glad the kiddo is better.