Thursday, March 18, 2010

All the News

I guess my blog posts are kind of thin on the ground these days, eh?

I have been knitting. I'll try to get some pictures in a bit. I'm making a machine knit sweater for my dad, some socks, some handwarmers, a men's sweater for a future Knitcircus... I think that's all the current projects.

But the big news is, we have made and had accepted an offer on a house and plan to move in June. When I look around at all the stuff we own and all the chaos, I can't quite imagine how we're going to pull this off. But we will. The house is very convenient to all kinds of stuff: all the schools, Mister SABLE's work, many shopping options, and most of Owen's friends. It's generously-sized and will give us a bit of breathing room. We'll have a real family room!

Spring has come to Madison this last week or so. Of course, we'll have a brief return to winter this weekend, but still, I'm encouraged that the snow pack we had since December pretty much vanished in last week's warm rain/fog misery. And we've had abundant sunshine and warm days so far this week, so the mud is drying out.

In early December, right before the first big blizzard that kicked off the winter, the little guy had lost an iPod in the yard. We looked for it that night, but in the dark without a real clue as to where it might be, it was hopeless. We weren't even positive it was lost in our yard, but retracing our steps of that night did no good. Then the snow came and we assumed that even if we found it, it would be toast. When the snow pack was mostly melted, he went out looking for it in the yard. He was about to give it up as hopeless, but glanced over toward our neighbor's fence line and saw something orange. BINGO. We dried it out overnight in a baggie of dry rice. Plugged it in to charge the next day and it works just fine.

Now I must start the phone calls and other details. Phone the mortgage guy. Phone the storage place. Phone a house inspector. And begin the purge. I might even do some yarn give-aways: we'll see.


Helen said...

The house is so beautiful! Love it :) So happy.

I'm all for wool if it's coming my way... just sayin'

Holly said...

Congrats on finding just the right house!

I have to do a move this summer and am so not looking forward to getting organized.

(Especially if this turns out to be a Europe to California trek...

Anonymous said...

congrats...breathing room is nice! mary in cincinnati

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Good news. Word of unsought advice to take or leave--don't store it, get rid of it!


Terby said...


I was just thinking that I missed Madison. I like it here, but I think in some ways it will always be my favorite place. Are you still in the same area of town, or elsewhere?

Linda L. said...

My advice: If you have to ask yourself "Do I really want to keep this?", you don't really need to keep it. Advice #2: befriend people who own pickup trucks. Big pickup trucks. :)
I hope the move isn't too stressful. You know you can always vent to your LSK friends!

Leslie said...

Ooh, a move! Lots of work...but fun, too. Hope it all goes smoothly for you!